What to do with breast milk that you no longer need for your baby

What to do with breast milk that you no longer need for your baby

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Breast milk has properties that are amazing. Not only does it serve as nutritional and affective food in babies, but also due to its components give it unique properties among them: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, it has vitamins such as A, E, K, B12 and minerals, millions of living cells , hormones that help the body function properly, antibodies that help fight infections, among others. That is why today we want to guide you about what to do with breast milk that you no longer need for your baby. You will definitely love this article!

Many mothers ask me how to do the process of freezing and thawing breast milk for your baby and then I'm going to give you a little guide. Once the milk has been expressed manually or with a pump, you can use glass containers with a plastic lid (make sure it is made of BPA-free plastic, since this is a precancerous component).

Another option is to use special plastic bags or jars for breastfeeding. When you extract milk, you put it directly in any of these containers, cool it in a double boiler and take it to the back of your freezer. You should not place them on the door, since the temperature of the door is lower, which can damage the milk.

Storing milk in your freezer is an ideal practice for when you return to work after your maternity leave. And not only that, but also Having reserve milk is important for those unexpected cases that may arise or everyday situations such as, for example, a lightning trip, a planned or emergency surgery, a meeting to which you cannot take your baby, cumbersome procedures, long beauty treatments in a hairdresser, medical treatment not compatible with the lactation...

In addition, it is also very useful in hospitalized or low-weight babies to supplement. These and others are reasons that can lead you to create your milk bank and maintain reserves without having to worry about your baby running out of milk when you are away.

And now comes the other million dollar question, how to unfreeze it? Using frozen milk is easy, as simple as putting water in a pot and heating it; Then you remove it from the heat and in that water you place the container where you have the frozen milk, giving enveloping movements, without beating vigorously since you can break the proteins contained in it.

It is important that you take into account that you cannot heat the milk with the fire on, nor use a microwave, and that once the milk is defrosted you must use it and when the baby no longer wants it, discard the rest, without reusing.

But frozen milk not only gets you out of trouble, but also when you no longer need it, you can give it other uses such as:

- You can donate it to a hospital institution to Give it to babies who need it.

- You can add it to your shampoo. The amount of protein it has is excellent for the growth and hydration of your hair.

- Can add it to liquid toilet soap, which helps to moisturize your skin.

- Join it with any moisturizer to body use.

- You can apply it to the baby in the diaper area when you have diaper rash, even in those babies who have atopic dermatitis lesions or insect bites.

- Use it with moisturizing creams for daily use for the face, as a facial moisturizer.

Did this post help you? I think you did not imagine the benefits of breast milk. This liquid is astonishingly a wonder of nature, and best of all, it's free !!!

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