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Finger food, the fun method for children to eat everything

Finger food, the fun method for children to eat everything

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Forget about spoons, forks and knives and sign up for Finger food or food that can be taken and eaten with your fingers! It is a way of ingesting small and varied portions of food using your fingers. Definitely, a fun method for children to eat everything. Do you want to know everything you can prepare with Finger food?

Finger food It is the name used in Anglo-Saxon countries to refer to food eaten by hand instead of using cutlery. It is very common in other cultures, such as the Indian or the Ethiopian, that most of their dishes are eaten without cutlery, but in traditional Mediterranean cuisine we are not so prone to put aside the spoon and fork.

Although this food is frequently used for parties and buffet meals, it is a fun alternative that can also be very healthy for children's meals, even for babies at the beginning of complementary feeding, since they can eat it themselves.

This new method of eating has advantages such as that it allows the time of eating to be more fun and that the child begins to be more autonomous (you must always take age into account and monitor him to avoid cases of choking), although it is not necessary forget it can be a bit 'dirty'.

If you want to get started in Finger food, here are a few ideas! They are all delicious, so we warn you that you will want to make them all. It is not a type of food, perhaps, to be made every day, but for a change from time to time it is not bad.

- Big bites in small
Mini hamburgers, mini pizzas, mini meatballs or grilled white or blue fish taquitos both to dip in sauce and on skewers can delight the little ones in the house and be healthy. What makes a hamburger or pizza unhealthy is the type of ingredients that are used and the sauces with which they are accompanied.

Homemade, a mini hamburger does not have to be more than minced beef - chicken, pork or a mixture of these - carefully chosen and placed in a small bread roll and accompanied by some vegetables and homemade tomato sauce of course. They are very helpful in birthday celebrations, since they usually have guaranteed success.

- Food in strips
Easy to handle, even for the little ones, the strips of bread, grilled chicken or raw vegetables (pepper, cucumber, carrot, celery ...) are very helpful and very healthy. As children also like to dip in various sauces, we can accompany them with hummus, a very healthy pasta made from chickpeas with spices, or with tomato sauce or with a sauce made from yogurt and chives or other spices.

- Cooked / steamed vegetables
Broccoli trees, green beans, peas or asparagus can be chosen as an accompaniment to any mini snack, giving a touch of color to the dish.

- Mini bites with egg
In addition to the traditional potato omelette, fritattas, a kind of tortilla made with varied ingredients and made in the oven, are popular among the little ones. In my house the broccoli with bacon and the chicken with spinach triumph, they are delicious!

- Snacks made with dough or bread
Dumplings, minced meat or vegetable rolls, mini quiches or mini tartlets of any kind are perfectly healthy as long as we control the ingredients with which we make them. Adding a generous touch of vegetables and limiting the meatiest pieces of meat, they are perfect for dinner. The dough, better made at home, but we can resort to those sold in supermarkets occasionally.

- Salty muffins and pancakes
And with salty we are not talking about their salt content, but about the absence of sugar and the type of ingredients they contain. Embedded in the dough itself, which in muffins tends to be between bread and sponge cake, we can find almost everything: protein foods (chicken, ham, minced meat ...), vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, peas, green beans ...) and dairy products, represented mainly by cheese.

- Battered
Although they are not the healthiest option given the fat content that foods absorb with frying, they can be an option for special occasions. Traditional croquettes or those of potato or zucchini, breaded chicken strips, battered mushrooms or battered aubergine strips can be accompanied by sauces that, such as the vegetable ratatouille, can include many vegetables. The arancini, balls similar to croquettes, but filled with rice and other ingredients such as meat Bolognese, peas, ham and / or mozzarella are another alternative to consider.

What is it going to be difficult for you to resist? You just have to choose which one to start with, because you will want to try them all!

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