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June 13 is San Antonio de Padua, a boy's name with history

June 13 is San Antonio de Padua, a boy's name with history

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The day June 13 Saint Anthony of Padua is celebrated, which is why we have set to work to tell you all about one of the most revered saints of all time. Did you know that his name was not really Antonio, nor was he born in the Padua region? There are many curiosities that we have discovered about the 'Saint of all'. Do not lose detail that will be the least interesting. And if this name for boy is your chosen one for your son, do not forget to congratulate him!

Antonio de Padua, also known as Saint Anthony of Lisbon, was a priest of the Franciscan Order. In addition to being a Portuguese preacher and theologian, he was a doctor of the Church for Catholicism. Is about a saint much revered in his time and in ours too, so much so that his cult is universally extended. According to the story, Antonio de Padua was the second most rapidly canonized saint by the Church, the first was Saint Peter Martyr of Verona.

He was born in Lisbon on August 15, 1195 in the bosom of a family with a good position in Lisbon society, in the medieval quarter of Alfama, a home that was completely destroyed in the earthquake that devastated Lisbon on November 1, 1755. First-born son of Martín de Alfonso, knight Portuguese descendant of French nobles (the Bouillon), and of María Taveira.

He began his studies at the cathedral school. Around 1210, he entered the monastery of canons regular of San Agustín and San Vicente de Fora, a place near Lisbon. Among his teachers at that stage were Prior Pedro himself and Petrus Petri. Did you know that his family and friends did not accept his vocation? There were several occasions in which they tried to make him leave without success.

If you have named your son Antonio, or are thinking of putting it on the baby who is about to be born, surely you are excited to know what the meaning of this name is. As you may already know, it is a name full of history and tradition that has become popular all over the world.

If we unravel the name of this Saint, we see that Antonio, a Spanish, Italian and Portuguese masculine name, is of Greek origin and derived from Antonius (in Latin), which was interpreted as 'he who faces his adversaries' or 'brave'. However, it has always been said that its meaning is unknown.

His name day is celebrated every June 13, although January 17 is also the saint of all the Antonios, since it is celebrated on the day of Santo Antonio Abad.

As for the attributes of the Saint we have: Book (Bible), rod of lilies (lilies of Saint Anthony), Child Jesus, custody. He has the patronage of lost objects, of those looking for a partner and of celiacs; at the same time he is the patron of travelers, the poor, bricklayers, bakers and papermakers.

And, why on June 13 is the saint of all children named Antonio celebrated?Saint Anthony was known as the great preacher. He may seem like a person who wants to attract attention, but in truth, those who knew him said that he was very humble and so modest that he wanted to spend his life performing basic tasks in the kitchen and in the convent.

Have you ever heard that it's known as 'the Saint of the whole world'? Perhaps this is the main reason why the date of his saints is celebrated with such devotion and affection. It was none other than Leo XII who gave him the nickname 'the Saint of the whole world', and it would be years later that his image could be seen throughout the world.

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Do you want to know more curiosities about this saint?

1. The saint of lost and found
We have said before that it is common to invoke him to find lost objects. The story tells that centuries ago a novice fled the convent with a precious book. Saint Anthony prayed to retrieve the book and so it was, the novice found himself after a few days faced with the need to return with the book in his hands.

2. His name was not Antonio nor was he from Padua
His birth name is not Antonio, he was not even born in Padua, nor was he Italian. He was born in Lisbon, Portugal. Their names were Fernando de Bulloes and Taveira de Azevedo. It was at the age of 25 that he changed his name to Antonio de Padua when he became a Franciscan.

3. His most famous miracle
Do you know which is the most popular miracle of Saint Anthony of Padua? A man recovered the foot that had been amputated. Leonardo, a young man who had kicked his mother, was punished by Antonio who told him: "The foot of the one who kicks his own mother deserves to be cut off." Leonardo chose to cut his foot. However, Saint Anthony took Leonardo's amputated foot and worked the miracle. He attached it back to the body. From that moment he is also known as the most miraculous saint or miracle worker, that is, the one who works wonders.

4. Also form pairs
Many women come to him to ask for a good husband and many men beg him to find a good wife.

5. Go around San Antonio?
There are people who put their image on their head, that is, they put their head on their feet, this being a superstition rather than a Christian practice.

And, to finish, we leave you a prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua to do from the depths of your heart.

Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua: O admirable and enlightened protector of mine, Saint Anthony of Padua! I have always had great confidence that you will help me with all my needs, praying for me the Lord whom you served, the Blessed Virgin whom you loved and the divine Child Jesus who did so many favors for you. Pray for me, so that through your powerful intercession they will grant me what I ask.

Oh Glorious Saint Anthony! For lost things are found through your mediation and you work so many wonders with your devotees; I beg you and I beg you, Divine Majesty, to regain the grace that I have lost for my sins, and the favor that I now desire and ask, being for the Glory of God and the good of my soul. Amen.

There is a tradition to celebrate Saint Anthony's Day which is to distribute the Blessed Bread or San Antonio Bread (also known for sleeping bread) among the faithful, after mass. It is a very old tradition in which each brother had to contribute a kilo of flour and three eggs to make the bread. The usual thing was to spend the whole night kneading the bread. The dough was kept wrapped in cloth in scriños to conserve heat. At dawn the bread was baked. Today the bakeries are in charge of doing it respecting their recipe.

After mass, the bread of Saint Anthony is sliced ​​and shared with the faithful as a vehicle of spiritual values. If you want the Blessed Bread recipe, CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE.

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