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Meaning of the name Martín. Name for boys

Martín is one of the most beautiful and common names that exist. Just like we think, you think so and many more parents who select this name as one of the top 3 for their child. Do you have doubts and don't know whether to definitely opt for Martín? Surely after you read the history, origin and meaning of Martín's name, You will see everything with different eyes and he will ask your mother to embroider a sheet with this name!

Martín, from Martinus. It is a name of Latin origin that to know its meaning we have to look for a more divine part and another less. The first meaning of Martín would be 'The man consecrated with Mars', but we can also relate this name to the word war and to characteristics such as honor, courage, courage and strength.

Although its original meaning was linked to war, San Martín de Tours gave it a meaning of peace. Two of the most relevant figures with this name were Martin Luther, the promoter of the Protestant Reformation who, after his confrontation with the Roman Church, divided Christianity into two currents, Catholicism and Protestantism; and Martin Luther King, an American activist who fought for the rights of people of color.

Martín has a female variant, Martina, is also very fashionable in recent decades among future fathers and mothers. And it is that in almost all nursery schools or colleges there is at least one boy or girl per class with this name.

Have you heard the expression 'Every pig gets his San Martín'? He goes on to say that anyone who does something wrong, sooner or later, will receive his 'penance' or 'punishment'. And we explain all this to you because this saying has a lot to do with Martín and, specifically, with the day chosen to officially celebrate his saint.

San Martín is celebrated on November 11 in honor of Martín de Tours, a date chosen in many towns of the Spanish geography to carry out the slaughter of the pig and, also, to symbolize the beginning and the end of the work in the field, hence San Martín is the closure to a stage and, to celebrate, this animal is sacrificed.

Other dates that you must mark in red on your calendar if you want to celebrate Saint Martin are:

  • March 20
  • April 13th
  • November 3

The name of Martín has always caught your attention, but you would like to accompany it with another name that is also beautiful and relevant, to get a compound name. Do you want to know what are the best combinations for Martín? Take good note!

  • Martin Daniel. This second name comes from the Hebrew and means 'Justice of God'.
  • Martin José. Of Hebrew origin, this popular name means 'Yahweh has erased' or 'may Yahweh add'.
  • Martin Eduardo. 'Guardian of wealth' would be the translation of Eduardo's name.
  • Martin Gael. Gael, name of Celtic origin, means generosity.
  • Martin Andrés. Male name of Greek origin whose meaning is brave, strong and virile man.
  • Martin Alonso. This name of German origin means ready and prepared.

Children gradually forge their personality, although when they are born, their DNA is already impregnated with some characteristics that will begin to show as days, weeks and months pass. Do you want to know what traits we mean and what will mark the future of the children called Martín? We take a look at numerology to give us some clues knowing that its digit is 3!

- Positive traits
Imaginative and creative to the max, that's how children are who can boast of being called Martín. You will be surprised with the original way they play and with what can come out of leaving them next to a blank paper and some colored paints! In addition, they are small with great vitality and optimism, which will make everyone want to be infected with their joy. You will not be short of friends!

- Negative traits
But not everything is rosy and, in his personality, you can also see certain points that are somewhat dark. We talk about their lack of inconstancy and commitment when carrying out certain tasks, and the little understanding they show to understand attitudes and behaviors of others.

If you are an adventurous person and who likes to travel, your child probably inherits this passion as well. If together you are going to collect the world, it would not hurt to know how its name is written and said in other languages. Here is a complete list!

  • In German: Martín
  • In Latin: Marten, Martinus
  • In Dutch: Maarten, Merten, Martijn
  • In Danish: Morten
  • In Polish: Marcin
  • In Portuguese: Martim, Martinho
  • In Galician: Martiño, Martín
  • In English: Martin, Marty
  • In Italian: Martino
  • In Catalan: Martí
  • In Hungarian: Marton
  • In Turkish: Marthyn, Mertynm
  • In Russian: Мартын
  • In Basque: Mattin

Martín is a name that has been a trend in recent decades, hence there are not many celebrities with this name. Even so, we can meet important figures from the world of culture, sports and the defense of human rights.

  • Martín Berasategui, Spanish restaurateur (1960).
  • Martin Luther King, American human rights activist (1929).
  • Martín Fiz, Spanish athlete (1963).
  • Martín Rivas, Spanish actor (1985).
  • Martin Scorsese, American-Italian director (1942).
  • Martin Sheen, American actor (1940).

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