How pollution affects children's health

We buy them the best car seat. We do not forget the knee pads, helmet and elbow pads when going out with the roller skates. We line the corners of the house while they are babies. We constantly monitor them and watch over their safety and health. And yet there is something we cannot fight against. An invisible and devastating enemy that grows and grows without stopping: the atmospheric pollution.

The air, yes, the air, can stop being an ally to become an enemy. In fact, air pollution can be very harmful to health. Also for our children's. They are more vulnerable because your body has not yet finished developing.

Air pollution can affect a child's health even before it is born. In fact, it can cause alterations in the development of the baby during pregnancy. These are some of the problems that air pollution can cause to children:

- Intrauterine growth retardation

- Congenital malformations

- Increase in premature births

- Growth retardation

- Greater predisposition to develop respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis or asthma

- Greater predisposition to cardiovascular diseases

- Its possible relationship with a greater predisposition to develop cancer is being studied

The problem with this type of contamination is that it is not punctual, but constant. We can try to avoid pollutants like mercury. We can do everything possible to avoid contact with toxic products. But we can't stop breathing. Obviously, it is a risk that affects us all, but above all, children.

The main cause of air pollution in the city is the emission of toxic gases through traffic. The fine particles they emit pass through the respiratory system without difficulty. But they are also guilty of two other sources of pollution: ozone and nitrogen dioxide.

It affects children more because they inhale more air than adults. But ... is there a solution? Some countries try to limit traffic and restrict the use of heating. Car maintenance is monitored and recycling is promoted. And we, what can we do to prevent our child from breathing so much polluted air?

1. Don't forget to close the windows at home. Open only a few minutes a day

2. Reduce electricity consumption

3. Whenever you can and have time, take a trip with the children to the mountains. Find a remote area of ​​the city so they can 'oxygenate'

4. Try to eat organically grown food, which has not been exposed to contaminants

5. Never smoke in front of children or indoors

6. Do not open the car windows when you go through a tunnel. There a large amount of suspended particles is concentrated

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