Spanish popular sayings for children

Spanish popular sayings for children

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Sayings are popular phrases that are part of the tradition of a country. Many of them are accompanied by a rhyme and contain a meaning as advice.

So that children can learn the folk wisdom of a country, in We have selected a series of typical Spanish sayings that everyone knows in Spain.

- See the straw in someone else's eye and not the beam in your own
They are people who tend to highlight or criticize the defects of others, but never their own.

- Forewarned man is worth two
People who are cautious avoid getting into trouble and trouble.

- He defends himself like a cat belly up
They are people who defend themselves with all their might.

- Raise fame and go to sleep
When you acquire a good reputation, it is easy to keep it, even when you do something bad, you tend to look the other way or not believe it.

- Evil of many, consolation of fools
Misfortune is no longer bearable because it affects other people.

- Whoever has a mouth makes mistakes
Everybody makes mistakes.

- Who gets up early, God helps
You have to do things on time so that they go well and not leave them for the last minute.

- To what is done, chest
When we do something, we must face the consequences with courage.

- A gift horse, do not look at the teeth
We should not despise or criticize the things they give us.

- A liar is caught sooner than a lame person
It is easy to discover who is lying because they end up making mistakes and resorting to inaccuracies.

- On the occasion while the sun shines
Do not hesitate, but be determined to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves.

- Past water does not move mill
There is no use regretting having missed an opportunity, you have to move on.

- From what you eat, you grow
He goes on to say that you are what you eat and your health depends on it.

- For sample, a button
It means that you do not have to try to prove everything, since sometimes you can deduce or know what remains to be discovered.

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