6 reasons why you should let kids paint the walls

6 reasons why you should let kids paint the walls

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You will think that we have gone crazy, but when you discover what we have to tell you, you may start to believe that it is not so bad!let the children paint the walls! And it is that all are advantages for their development. Incredible, yes, but true and proven.

It is seeing your little one with a pen, pencil or paint in hand near a wall ... and declaring a state of emergency at home! And you have the walls of the entrance, the corridor and the rooms of your room that look like a Picasso painting.

The drawing benefits in children they are infinite: it develops their creativity, increases their autonomy, it is a means for them to express their feelings and emotions, for them to communicate with parents and teachers, it helps them relax and have fun ...

Paint on the walls it is perhaps, for many, an act almost of vandalism. So let's change the walls of the family home for any other vertical surface. What do we gain from that? Our children very much. Discover the six advantages of children painting, drawing or writing on vertical surfaces:

1 Provides stability in the shoulder, elbow and hand
When working on large surfaces such as a whiteboard, movement is greater and therefore the strength and stability of these limbs is encouraged.

2 Improves pen grip
Writing on a vertical surface places the wrist in an extended position that encourages stabilization of the hand for better pen grip and control of writing tools.

3 Helps hand-eye coordination
When working on a vertical surface, the child has a greater, but above all, better vision of what he is doing, which makes this type of activity more than recommended for children who have problems maintaining visual attention. Here everything is closer to the eyes of the little one!

4 Develop visual awareness
Concepts such as up-down or right-left will be easier for the child to understand, since he can relate it to his body, which he will take as a reference.

5 Relax
For those children who cannot stand still and who find it difficult to sit still, working on a vertical surface is the best way to focus and not constantly get up from the desk.

6 Strengthen posture
From this position, the child cannot fall or lean or sink on the back of the chair, which will have a positive effect on the strengthening of the posture and the spinal column, which must be upright. We suggest some options for your children to work and / or paint on vertical surfaces without damaging your walls.

- Get yourself a blackboard and place it on either side of the house. Chalks, being quite difficult to break, will give you more control over what you draw.

- Place a roll of paper in the hallway of your house.

- Decorate your bedroom windows with special removable stickers.

- After the shower, when the mirrors are still steamy from the hot water, let them write or draw what comes out.

- The next time it is time to do general cleaning of the house, your children will take care of the mirrors.

- Play with the magnets on the fridge. There are some letters that can also help to learn colors or numbers.

- And finally, construction games. Who will make the tallest tower today?

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