4 helpful relaxation techniques for parents in distress

4 helpful relaxation techniques for parents in distress

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Day to day, when you have children, it can become a major source of stress. Work, school, extracurricular activities, homework, housework ... Many things in a short time, that can make us see each other in more than one troubled situation and with elevated levels of nerves.

Being under so much stress can interfere not only with our health, but with the way we relate to our children. We are more sensitive, irritable, we have less patience ... and we can make decisions or have undesirable reactions. That is why on our site we propose you relaxation techniques for parents in distress.

Stress is "contagious", so we can also pass it on to our children. We rush them, we take them from one place to another running, we do not respect their times, which are not the same as ours ... It also happens that sometimes they do so many activities and their days are so exhausting, that they are subjected to almost the same stress than that of an adult.

As parents we can often feel overwhelmed, we feel that we do not arrive, that we are tense and exhausted, and that fatigue accumulates day after day. To free ourselves from that stress and tension that accumulates we can try a relaxation technique to help us in our day to day, and we can even carry them out with our children, so that in addition to relaxing ourselves, they relax and spend time together. These are some of them:

1. Practice exercise
Exercise is a good resource to release tension, relax, and clear your mind. We may not have time to go to the gym twice a week, to run or to do the sport that we like, so we will have to find little time to walk or do some exercise. Take out the garbage and take the opportunity to go around the block, jump rope for 10 minutes, spend time in the park and bike with the children to play sports with them ...

2. Meditation and Mindfulness
Both are techniques and tools that teach us to manage the emotions that can overwhelm us every day, help us fixate on the moment we live and facilitate us in a moment of stress to be able to return to calm. Therefore, they are highly recommended practices for both adults and children. If we do not have time to go to a Mindfulness workshop, we can resort to guided meditation audios and practice when we have a little while, for example, when we go to bed.

There is guided meditation for children, and we can take advantage and do it with them. Reserve 10 minutes a day (before the children sleep, for example) to do it with them.

3. Breathing techniques
Breathing techniques can also help us stop and relax. We don't need to spend a lot of time on it and if we learn to breathe to relax we can apply it at any time of the day. In times of stress in which we feel that situations are overwhelming us, stop, breathe deeply and slowly for a few minutes, if necessary go to a quiet and secluded place.

Before going to sleep, we can also take a few minutes to breathe, to sleep calm and relaxed. Rest is essential to face day-to-day situations.

To learn relaxation techniques, such as Jacobson's progressive or guided passive for example, can be of great help in our day to day life. It will help us control the levels of stress and tension that we may experience.

4. Calm games with children
Another way to relax can be as simple as playing with our children, reading them a book, watching a movie with them ... We disconnect, have fun and have a good time with them. To relax we do not always have to get away from everything, lie down and breathe. Having fun and laughing with children, our partner or our friends is a very effective relaxation technique.

It is important that we dedicate a few minutes a day to ourselves, that we relax and stop thinking about the worries of the day to day, not only to be better but to be able to enjoy our children and our family. It is important that stress and worries do not invade our family space and prevent us from enjoying important moments.

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