9 names for boys inspired by athletes of all time

9 names for boys inspired by athletes of all time

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When choosing between all names for boys, a good option is to take great athletes as a reference; men who show the passion they have for their discipline and all that you can achieve with effort, perseverance, training and love of sport. Who wouldn't want their child to develop these values?

In the world of sport there are many characters that have stood out in history and in the memories of fans of these disciplines. For us these names can mean the nickname of a great idol or it can be the way in which we will call our little one in honor of one of those men who show that doing what one likes can achieve great things in life.

These men give the world an example of discipline and passion when it comes to emerging and showing that they are the best at what they do, giving everything in their space. Therefore, from we propose you 10 names for boys inspired by athletes of all times. Do you dare with any of them?

1. Rafael
Rafael Nadal is a tennis player of Spanish origin who has won gold several times in the Olympic Games, in addition to 9 Roland Garros and 11 titles in the masters or ATP tournament. Currently occupies the first position of the ATP ranking. Rafael is born from the Hebrew 'Rapah' and means 'God has healed'.

2. Leo
Lionel Messi is an Argentine forward player for Fútbol Club Barcelona, ​​who has already won 5 Ballons d'Or and 3 Golden Boots, in addition to other distinctions in his career that have catapulted him (with the permission of the madridistas) as the best soccer player of the world and as a brand in advertising media. Lionel has different origins and in all of them it is translated as 'lion'.

3. Christian
Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese footballer who is currently the Juventus Turin striker. Identified by the media as CR7, he is considered one of the great scorers of the moment and an advertising claim. The name Christian has its origin in the Greek world and is translated as 'relative to Christ'.

4. Michael
Michael Jordan is a former basketball player and is considered one of the most valuable and important in history. Being MVP 5 times with 10 top scorer titles, robbery leader for 3 years in a row and named the athlete of the year in 1991. Undoubtedly an NBA history. Michael is born from Hebrew and means 'who is like God?'. Translated into Spanish, Michael is Miguel.

On the other hand, Michael also refers to Michael Phelps, who although he is a retired American competitive swimmer, is the most decorated Olympian of all time, with a total of 28 medals.

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5. Thomas
Thomas Edgard Patrick Brady is an American professional football player. He is currently considered by the media as one of the best quarterback of all time. He has participated in eight Super Bowls, winning five of them. Tom is of Aramaic origin and means 'twin'.

6. Fernando
Fernando Alonso is a Spanish motorsport driver. He has twice won the Formula 1 Drivers' World Championship and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. He is the sixth most victorious driver in the history of Formula 1 with 32 grand prizes won and the fourth driver with the most podiums: 97. Fernando derives from Germanic and means 'peace' or 'freedom'.

7. Usain
Usain Bolt is frequently known as the 'lightning bolt' as he is a sprinter and former Jamaican professional athlete who has broken many records. He has won eleven world titles and eight Olympics. Usain is a name of Jamaican origin that means 'beautiful, beautiful'.

8. Conor
Conor Mcgregor is an Irish boxer. One of his belts snatched it from José Aldo in 13 seconds of action, thus achieving the fastest KO in the history of fights for a UFC title. Conor is a name of Gaelic origin that can mean 'lover of hunting dogs' or 'lover of wolves'.

9 Michael
Miguel Induráin is a former Spanish cyclist who has won the Tour de France for five years in a row and also the Giro del Italia twice. On the other hand, he managed to be world champion and Olympic champion in the time trial modality. A big! Michael is derived from Hebrew and literally means 'who is like God?'

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