How to Identify the Different Types of Toxic Mothers

How to Identify the Different Types of Toxic Mothers

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Our little ones don't come into the world with a manual under their arms. And there is no short course to become the best mother in the world. The result: what can be done is done, although there are always things that can be worked on and improved. And the thing is, what we love most is at stake, the happiness of our son. And in that, we have to give everything. Here we cannot fail. In we explain how to identify all types of toxic mothers. Are you one of them?

Most parents do their best to help their children grow up healthy and happy, but even if they do, they sometimes make mistakes. Unfortunately, there are mothers who go beyond the occasional mistake and may come to turn your children's childhood into a very negative experience for them. In this case, we are talking about what is known as 'toxic mothers'.

It is said that mothers, like a witch in a story, usually cast spells on our children. Sometimes we do it unintentionally guided by what we believe is "being a good mother", but in reality we hurt their self esteem and perhaps we incapacitate them in their sense of security. Even if you think you're doing your best, take note because these are the types of mothers you shouldn't be.

1. Supercontroller mother
They are mothers who believe that they must control everything to ensure the well-being of their children. They tend to overprotect the little ones so that nothing happens to them, they try to solve everything by anticipating decisions. They are mothers who on many occasions are so obsessed with control that they exhaust themselves and exhaust others. These moms, according to experts, must learn to relax to give up a little control, since it is important to leave space for children so they can develop. Learning to trust our children's abilities is necessary to escape the control trap.

2. Absorbing, possessive mother
She is the type of mother who needs her children. This type is similar to the previous one, but not the same. In this case, it is not so much the need to control as know what the children do, what they think, what they want, and try to absorb your time. It is important that this type of mother learns to leave space and to respect the privacy of her children.

3. A perfectionist and demanding mother
They are mothers who see all the virtues of their children and are proud of them. For this reason, they try to exploit their son's virtues to the maximum, reaching too demanding limits. On the one hand, it is good to teach the little one to get the best of himself and learn to overcome difficulties, but according to psychologists, we must learn to do it based on the process and not on the result. This type of mother must learn to respect the opinion and interests of their children and you will find the balance between demand and well-being.

4. Mother companion accomplice
This type of mother tries to play the role of friend, companion, and accomplice in the lives of her children. But our little ones don't need a friend, they need a mother. It is important to know how to be friends with our children, but serving as a model and always maintaining the status of mother.

5. Affectionate mother
All mothers are affectionate with their children, it is natural and healthy. It may seem like we spoil by being affectionate, but no one has an overdose of affection. However, affection should not be confused with the absence of limits or with overprotection.

Knowing the type of mother you are allows the reflection that will allow us to enjoy motherhood, develop ourselves as people and be the best mothers without despairing in the attempt. They say a mother's love is unconditional But for many people that saying is a simple romantic and socially accepted cliché that is far from being a reality.

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