Halloween songs for kids

Halloween songs for kids

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Know the Halloween song lyrics for kids more fun. An ideal option to move the skeleton and spend great moments with the little ones in the house. This selection, from, It also includes some songs in English, perfect for learning the Anglo-Saxon language.

Are you ready to discover magical worlds, mysterious beings, monsters, skeletons and spooky characters?

Enjoy with the children the stories that are told through these terrifying songs and do not stop dancing and singing with them to the beat of their happy musical rhythm.

1. Tombs over here, tombs over there. Halloween song for kids

Songs can have important benefits for children, including their intellectual, auditory, and sensory development. Stimulate your little ones through this happy Halloween song, where dark beings come out of their graves to frighten everyone who crosses their path. Do you dare to discover everything that happens in the cemetery at nightfall? Don't miss out on this fun song!

2. Lyrics of the children's song 'This is Halloween'

A strange and great country called Halloween! Thus begins this song where its protagonists are terrifying monsters, who sing in unison what we could categorize as a hymn dedicated to this dark time of year. This musical theme belongs to the movie "The strange world of Jack" and it is one of the most popular songs among children, for the celebration of Halloween.

3. The Addams Family. Lyrics songs for children

Who hasn't heard of the Addams Locos? The Addams family as it is known in English, was a popular American series from 1964, whose musical theme became so popular that it is still enjoyed by young and old. With this song your children will be able to learn the Anglo-Saxon language in a more dynamic way. Enjoy singing with your children this musical piece, about the most extravagant and fun family.

4. Ghostbusters. English song for kids

This song is the main theme of the movie "Ghostbusters", in Spanish it is known as "The Ghostbusters." A film that gained popularity in the eighties and that today its music has crossed generations. One of the favorite musical themes for Halloween, ideal for the little ones to practice their pronunciation in English and also learn to rhyme in that language.

5. Monster Mash. Cancines lyrics for kids

A song that tells us about a fabulous party, where the main guests are the scariest beings taken from the best horror stories. The vampires had a feast, while the zombies had a great time and of course the werewolf could not miss! "The Monster Mash" is a song with a catchy rhythm and very funny lyrics for children.

6. Chumba the cachumba. Halloween song for children

Rugged skeletons emerge from his grave and, depending on the time the clock strikes, they plan different mischiefs. A lively song for the little ones to learn to count time, and to express themselves both verbally and bodily while singing it. Enjoy with your children this cheerful piece of music on Halloween night and do not forget to dance and dance, until the skeleton sounds!

7. The crazy witch. Childish song

Song about a clueless witch who forgot the magic! A beautiful melody for children, with which the little ones will learn to rhyme. Stimulate your children with one of the best songs for Halloween, highly recommended by parents. Especially for younger children their music will be very attractive due to its cheerful rhythm.

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