Weights as a sport during childhood

Weights as a sport during childhood

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Children, like adults, they must abandon the tendency to sedentary lifestyle which is increasingly established in our environment. Physical exercise, performed regularly and with common sense, is one of the most advisable health promoting practices.

From our site, we have already talked about the pyramid of physical exercise, and the sports that are more convenient. On this occasion, we want to talk to you about whether children can do weights or not.he advantages and disadvantages of weights as a sport during childhood.

Many parents have shared questions about weights with us. Can a child lift weights? Does it benefit you or not? We tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing weights for children, answering the main questions and doubts that revolve around this sport:

1. Are weights bad for growing children?

We often hear that weights are harmful to children's growth, but there is no scientific evidence to show that this is the case. Given this widespread belief, it is rare for the training of some sports practices to include weight lifting. However, society does accept that the body itself is a weight. For example, we can see children doing dips or push-ups, and this fact is accepted naturally as an enhancer of the muscles of the arms and chest.

2. Then, Is muscle strengthening physical exercise legal?

Yes, but applied with common sense, and directed by a coach with enough capacity to know how to mentor him. In addition, it is important that muscle-enhancing exercise is properly balanced with a subsequent stretching program. It is as important to guarantee the power of the muscle as its elasticity. Working with a muscle is as important as knowing how to relax it.

3. What would proper weight training look like?

First, the load used must be reasonable, and adapted to the age of the minor. On the other hand, it must be taken into account that the bone growth zone must not be subjected to an intense overload. That is: muscle strengthening exercises must be short in time. In younger children they can be posed in a playful and fun context, like one more game.

4. Is anaerobic physical exercise contraindicated in childhood?

More and more studies show that anaerobic physical exercise (that is, that performed for short periods of time, with great intensity) is not only not contraindicated but also it's profitable, and can harmonize well with aerobic physical exercise (that which is carried out for longer periods, and with less intensity). Anaerobic exercise appears to be helpful in reducing body weight and as a strategy to prevent osteoporosis.

Bottom line: children should exercise regularly. The ideal is to do team sports, and if possible outdoors. The aim to be sought should not be exclusively to compete, but rather to have a pleasant and constructive time. Weights, reasonably applied and directed by an expert, they can be one more resource. But they should never be the only strategy or the only resource.

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