Looking for Peace. Stories of values ​​for children

Looking for Peace. Stories of values ​​for children

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Explaining peace for children is not such an easy task to understand if they do not experience it at home, among family and friends. Peace is not taught, it is lived. And one of the positive tools to teach it is through example and stories.

Looking for peace It is a story that speaks of the value of peace, of the importance of the noble art of living in peace.

Once upon a time there was a king who offered a great prize to that artist who could capture perfect peace in a painting. Many artists tried. The king observed and admired all the paintings, but there were only two that he really liked and had to choose between them.

The first was a very calm lake. This lake was a perfect mirror where the placid mountains that surrounded it were reflected. Above these was a very blue sky with wispy white clouds. Everyone who looked at this painting thought that it reflected the peace perfect.

The second painting also had mountains. But these were rugged and bare. Above them was a raging sky from which fell an impetuous downpour with lightning and thunder. A foaming torrent of water seemed to rumble down the mountain. All of this was not at all peaceful.

But when the King looked carefully, he saw behind the waterfall a delicate bush growing in a crevice in the rock. In this bush there was a nest. There, amid the roar of the violent waterfall, a little bird sat placidly in its nest ...

- Perfect peace ...?

- What do you think was the winning painting?

The King chose the second.

- You know why?

The king explained: "Peace does not mean being in a place without noise, without problems, without hard work or without pain. Peace means that despite being in the midst of all these things we remain calm within our hearts. This is the true meaning peace."


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