The 10 most popular names in Mexico

The 10 most popular names in Mexico

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In each country the traditions when it comes to naming are different. In some countries, such as Spain, it is normal to give only one name to the baby, however, in most Latin American countries, children usually have two compound names.

Many dads when looking for a name for their baby, prefer those that are rare, different or very little known. They opt for names that are rarely heard or that almost no one takes them. On the contrary, other parents choose popular names for their baby.

If you are looking for a name for your child and you like common names or that are more normal, here are a few ideas.

We show you which are the most popular names in Mexico for boys. They are the names that Mexican fathers and mothers have chosen most frequently for their children.

1. Alexander

2. Michelangelo

3. Eduardo

4. Jose Luis

5. Juan Carlos

6. Fernando

7. Daniel

8. David

9. Jorge

10. Ricardo

If you are pregnant with a girl and you want to give her a very popular name, here is a list of the names that in recent years, dads have given their daughters more often.

1. Gabriela

2. Alejandra

3. Mariana

4. Maria Carmen

5. Adriana

6. Maria Guadalupe

7. Daniela

8. Claudia

9. Maria Lourdes

10. Monica

Do you like any of these names for your baby? Some are really pretty, of course I am not impartial because my son has one of the most frequent names for boys in Mexico.

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