5 tips to motivate children to go back to school

5 tips to motivate children to go back to school

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The summer holidays are long, but in the end they end and the children have to think about going back to school. Some will be wanting to return to meet their companions, and others, however, will feel more lazy and some symptoms of the so-called post-vacation syndrome.

Can we help children to get excited about the start of the new school year? Yes! We give you up to 5 tips to motivate children to go back to school. Take aim!

It happens to children like many adults, who fear returning to work after the holidays. Many feel anxious and slightly sad about the vacation that has ended. But we, the peers, can help children cope with this post-vacation syndrome in the best possible way. Write down these tips to motivate kids to go back to school. You will get your child excited and he will be better prepared for the first days of school:

1. Resume the routine gradually: On vacation, routines change. During the vacation period, the schedules of the little ones are very different from those they take during the academic year. Therefore, it is highly recommended to start changing these routines a week before joining the school. She begins to change the sleep and meal times to suit what they will have when they start school.

2. Involve the little ones in the preparations: Let your child help you with the books and the uniform (or school clothes). A good way to motivate the little ones for the new academic year is to make them participate in the preparations. For example, we can involve them in the process of buying new school supplies and clothes for school or ask them to help us cover the books.

3. Praise the positive aspects of going back to school: Positive thinking! The most important thing is to face this new period with positivity. To do this, we can ask the child if they want to see a classmate with whom they get along especially well or we can also ask them if they want to resume that subject that they like so much or if they have thought about what extracurricular activity they want to do this year . The key aspect in this case is not to make negative comments about the school.

4. Not setting goals and objectives: Take it easy. Yes, it is good to set goals with the beginning of the school year, but remember that the first week of school is an adaptation period and we will have to be understanding with their needs and their rhythms, which have had to be modified with the return to school. It is good that we mention to them that in order for them to be satisfied with their work and that they have to make an effort and organize themselves well, but without setting detailed objectives yet or of course demanding that they meet them at the moment.

5. Pass on a good example: Your attitude towards going back to school is essential. Young children tend to take their parents as a reference and if they do not show a positive attitude to their return to work after vacation, the child will hardly show a positive attitude. For this reason, especially those parents who are on vacation in the last weeks of August, we must avoid showing a less than positive attitude to our return to work.

And remember that too you must bet on good communication with the school. The best thing is that during the first days of class, you get more involved and try to show your children more interest in the news that may occur at school: teachers who start, if others have left, if new students have entered ... son will feel more accompanied at this stage.

Source: Ana Herrero (psychologist at Brains International Schools)

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