What children feel when they get angry

What children feel when they get angry

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Some scream. Others cry. Some kick and of course there are children who just shut up. I remember that a huge lump formed in my throat and I was out of air. My son, however, hides when he gets angry.

When a child gets angry, they can react in many different ways. May become aggressive or withdrawn. And it is that the feeling of anger is difficult to predict and control. Or not?

Why are children angry? Why don't they get what they want? Because of a bad word from your best friend? A child gets angry when he argues, when someone hurts him. He gets angry if he fights with his brother, or when nobody wants to play with him. He gets angry when they don't buy him that toy he wants so much. He gets angry, and does not know very well what happens to him.

Suddenly he feels a pressure in his head. Many children describe it as 'a headache', as a pain in the brain. Others say that their veins seem to carry more blood, and that they sweat, they sweat a lot. You also feel your face turn red and the feeling becomes uncontrollable. Anger takes over the body and you lose control. The scream comes. The tantrum. The whirlwind.

If at that moment the brain were a jar of water and glitter, the swirl of fury would drag the glitter uncontrollably, producing uncontrolled flashes. There is no space or time to think. They just feel. Nothing more.

The solution is this: learn to breathe. So simple and complicated at the same time. That may be the key to managing the uncontrolled feeling of anger: take a deep breath. And not me, but the children themselves. A tip that we must teach our children. Just follow these steps:

- When the feeling of anger comes, you have to find a quiet place where you can be alone.

- Breathe deeply through your nose. Expel the air through the mouth.

- Close your eyes and breathe again.

In this way, children who have carried out these steps report feeling as if something suddenly calms down, as if something in motion has stopped. The heart calms down. The brain stops beating so hard. That glitter that was spinning uncontrollably in the middle of a whirlwind, falls to the ground slowly. Then it is time to speak.

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