The Smiths against the Robinsons. Children's story about fights

The Smiths against the Robinsons. Children's story about fights

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Through the stories you can educate your child in values and teach him what happens when we don't control our emotions.

On this occasion, you can talk with your child about the problems that fighting and competitiveness cause. Find out what happens to two families that are constantly fighting ... Don't stop reading to your child 'The Smiths vs. the Robinsons', a children's story about fights.

The Smith family had always been on the warpath with the Robinson family. They had not spoken for many years and when they spoke it was to discuss and throw things in their faces. They had been like this for so many years that no one in town remembered what had happened to make them always so angry.

They not only fought, In addition, both families wanted to be the most important in the region and they were always competing. If the Smith family built the largest house in town, the next year the Robinson family surpassed it and built an even larger one. If the latter had five cars in its garage, the former bought a huge tractor. So they always walked fighting and competing.

The rest of the families of the town wanted to solve the problem. And that's how they proposed to the Smith family and the Robinson family a competition with boats. The champion could put his name to the town square and with it the anger would have to be forgotten.

The boat competition was going to be difficult and dangerous. The sea was rough and windy, but both the Smiths and the Robinsons were ready. It was the mayor of the town who fired the starting gun. At first, the Robinson family seemed to be in the lead, but a big wave caused it to be delayed, so it could be overtaken by the Smith family. The race was being very hard and both ships seemed about to break down.

Finally, the Smith family was the first to reach the goal. And when they were going to start celebrating their ship sank. The whole family was very scared, since they were out to sea and it was very dangerous. Quickly they called for help and the Robinson family did not hesitate for a second to come to their aid. Both families returned to port on the Robinson family ship. And although the race had been won by the Smiths, they had saved his life thanks to the Robinsons. Therefore together They decided that the town square should be named after the two families. And most importantly, since then they were great friends as they discovered that if they cooperated and worked together things would go better.

Help your child to understand this story and thus improve his reading comprehension. You can help yourself with these simple questions:

1. Why were the two families angry?

2. What did the two families want?

3. What did the people propose to make them stop arguing?

4. Which family won the competition?

5. Which family helped the family that was shipwrecked?

6. What did you decide to do in the end?

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