11 reasons competitive sports are good for kids

11 reasons competitive sports are good for kids

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Competition is not only about winning, it is about facing another person to achieve a goal, it is about working hard, perseverance, perseverance and the struggle to achieve a dream. And, indeed, if you win, the better, but if you lose, the children will have learned so many values ​​along the way that it is worth remembering the reasons competitive sports are good for kids

Should childrento compete? Is competition good or bad for them? Do they really need to go through that confrontation with others? The answer is that they neither should, nor is it good or bad, nor do they need it, but if children decide to compete, if they enjoy it and face it in a positive way, the result and the learning is amazing. Competition is neither good nor bad, it is only competition.

In the real world, outside of competitions, there are power struggles, struggles in the workplace, even between mothers and fathers to have "the most child ..." However, leaving aside the negative connotation of competition, and to those who use it profitably or unfairly, we focus on the best that kids can get from competitive sports: compete with yourself. It is the healthiest competition and the one that will result in the best version one can have.

Children who play sports in which they compete against others, be it football, basketball, tennis, karate, skiing, swimming or any other discipline, learn along the way a series of values ​​that will forge their character and, if the competition is well focused, you can be a very valuable teaching.

- The practice of sports in which children compete stimulates trust and security in oneself. Working intensely on a discipline makes children gain skills to do it.

- Competitive sports promote a very important value in childhood, the value of effort. They have to achieve a goal, and they will work hard to achieve it.

- Competing teaches them to face risks. Once children discover that competing shouldn't be scary or paralyzing, they can become more and more daring and put themselves to the test.

- This brings us to another of the values ​​of competitive sports for children: lose their fear of competing which is one of the fears that lead many children not to participate in team sports.

- They face the possibility of losing, there are few athletes who always win and win everything, in general they will have to face the idea that, no matter how hard they have tried, they have not managed to pass the test. Learn to lose it is an important learning in life.

- When a child learns to lose, he is ready to get back up and try again. It is the value of the perseverance and perseverance.

- Of course, they have to learn to overcome frustration in the face of defeat, it is at this moment when, almost without realizing develop resilience, that is, the ability to overcome the obstacles of life.

- Children learn that competing is fun too, It does not only consist of effort, work and suffering. It is also belonging to a team, making friends and socializing with peers.

- They develop the capacity for strategyby learning to play by the rules and adapting them to your advantage.

- Children who practice sports on a regular basis and belong to competing teams do better in school, compared to what you might think. Several studies corroborate this.

- Children learn to commit to something. Competitive sport will take part of their day or their week, they will have to make time, go to training despite bad weather or have a lazy day.

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