How to teach the child not to be envious

There are children who, even though they are bright and have and more than any child would wish for, are still envious. Some of them are envious because other children get better grades, others because they have had a new sister, others because they are simply growing and it is part of development. But you can reduce your children's envy by instilling self-confidence, improving their prospects, helping you deal with feelings of jealousy and envy.

Regardless of what causes envy in a child, this is usually because, in addition to lacking self-confidence, they also feel a certain emotional lack that has to be solved. Next I will explain how to teach the child not to be envious.

It is very important that avoid comparisons at all costs. You may think that in this way you are motivating your child to be successful or to settle for what he has, but the reality is that you are putting pressure when you compare him with siblings or friends.

It is essential that set goals that they are not based on anyone, but above all, that your child does not feel the need to be like others, because inevitably later he will have the desire to have what others have and envy will appear.

When your child has problems with his friends or his siblings, it is important that he sees that, as a father or mother, you do not take sides either for one side or the other, because then he may feel envy. It is essential that when there are minor conflicts, children are helped to reach agreements together, so that the little ones do not feel envy and feel valued all the time.

Children may be envious of material things or also of behaviors. Your children need you to spend time with them individual form to feel totally protagonists. Young children are more than likely to demand more time from you, but older children need to feel that you are by their side, for example reading a story to him every night, or talking to him at mealtime, etc.

A great tip is talk about envy. Talking about envy does not mean talking only about how bad it is and how people cannot be envious to be happy. We must also talk about the feelings and emotions generated by envy, feelings such as anger, sadness or rejection. Encourage your child to channel negative feelings to others who are more positive. Have a optimistic outlook in life it is very important to avoid envy.

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