The CASA technique to improve the emotional intelligence of children

The CASA technique to improve the emotional intelligence of children

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Improve our children's emotional intelligence it can be key to improving children's behavior almost immediately. In fact, the lack of skills when it comes to managing emotions is usually the most common source of unwanted behaviors in childhood, such as tantrums or aggressiveness.

The psychopedagogue Marga Santamaría proposes us to use the CASA technique, what is it? We explain what the CASA technique consists of to improve emotional intelligence of the kids.

Improve emotional intelligence of our children should be a basic task. We can help them by teaching them from a young age to recognize and name emotions. For this, the theater with puppets, stories, fables ... can be very useful.

But together with all these tools, we can use the famous CASA technique. Do you know what its acronyms mean ?: Curiosity, Admiration, Security and Joy. We explain what each of these words consists of:

  1. Curiosity: We must encourage the curiosity of children, which is ultimately the pillar of motivation when learning. It encourages their illusion to know, to learn, to discover. A motivated child, a child with constant curiosity, is a child who learns. To do this, present the new knowledge in an attractive way, which awakens in him the curiosity to know more.
  2. Admiration: Get in your home a climate of mutual admiration, of the son for his parents and of the parents for the children. Make your child feel important, let him know that you admire him, that you take pride in his achievements, his qualities and abilities. You will see how it is reciprocal, and your child begins to feel more admiration and confidence towards you.
  3. Security: A child improves his emotional intelligence if he feels safe, if he does not detect threats, dangers and fears, if he feels that there is confidence in his home to be able to speak and express himself freely. Work on your child's self-esteem, listen to him, let him express himself, and from the security you offer him, he will be able to overcome all his fears.
  4. Joy: Above all, positive thinking. Learning improves a lot when we develop in our children an optimistic position towards life. You have many ways of developing positive thinking in children, with very fun games and activities aimed at generating optimistic thinking in the face of negativity that destroys everything.

By creating a climate at home based on these four principles of the CASA method, you will get your child to improve their emotional intelligence, their social skills, their relationships with other children ... In this way, you will also be making your child much happier .

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