Compatibility of Cancer mothers with their children according to their sign

Compatibility of Cancer mothers with their children according to their sign

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Women born between the June 22 and July 22.

Cancer is a water sign, and as such, of a fickle character, but the dominant of the moon makes it the strangest sign in the entire zodiac.

Has a imaginative and unreal nature to such an extent that they seem to have a double personality at times.
The influences of the moon cause constant eddies in the soul, and endows them with a intuition that few signs possess.

Their great sensitivity causes them constant mood swings, and makes them do not know the calm, and that everything around him is a problem.

Is a mother who love a house and a home where to feel protected and protected, and she will take care of her children with great care and dedication, even if she is a cold and distant mother, since she does not let anyone penetrate her most intimate life.

They are working mothers who know how to draw strength from nowhere when the occasion requires it, and protect his own, putting them before anything, even reason.

Capricorn child compatibility

Both signs are hard-working and traditional, which provides many points in common between mother and child. However, Cancer mothers often create imaginary parallel worlds where they live immersed; while Capricorn children love reality, having their feet on the ground and practicality, that is why they cannot understand the way of seeing their mothers' lives, but in general they have a good relationship.

And what will your relationship with your Aquarius children be like?

Cancer mothers have a difficult relationship with Aquarius children. The reason is that while Cancer mothers try to keep their children under their wings in a safe environment, Aquarius children struggle to have adventures as far from home as possible. Will require mutual patience to achieve a family conciliation.

Will the Cancer mother get along with her Pisces child?

This is one complicated relationship due to the extreme sensitivity of these two signs. Between the Cancer mother and the children of the Pisces sign, there will be no exchange of views that does not end in tears, thank goodness that they share empathy and usually solve any confrontation with an attack of kisses and hugs.

What kind of relationship will you have with your Aries children?

This is an explosive combination. The impulsiveness of Aries children do totally incompatible with their Cancer mothers who are highly sensitive. Aries children constantly challenge their Cancer mothers, which provokes in them a restlessness that destabilizes them. They will need a lot of mutual patience to get along.

We are going to analyze the relationship with the children of the Taurus sign

This is one excellent relationshipas both signs love the tranquility and protection of the home. They form a nucleus that is difficult to break, although the coldness and secrecy of Cancer will lead their Taurus children to have to suffer a distance that their sociable and open mind does not understand.

How is the compatibility with Gemini children?

Cancer mothers and their children of the Gemini sign share many differences, which leads them to have a difficult relationship among them. Cancer mothers love home and safety, while their Gemini children are the opposite: sociable, changeable, and can't stop for a minute at home. They will need waves of patience to be able to understand and assume each other.

What type of relationship will Cancer mothers have with their sons or daughters of the same sign?

A dangerous combination of the Cancer mother and child, as both are exposed to capricious influences of the moon. Crying, happiness and deep wounds is the day to day between a Cancer mother and son or daughter, thank goodness that they both like to share space inside the house and moments together where they can exchange impressions and reconcile.

How is compatibility with Leo children?

Here the dominating satellite of Cancer is mixed, which is the moon, and the sun, the star under which the children of the sign of Leo are found. It's the Ging and the Gang, a Perfect complement that leads them to share very good moments. They both value family membership, so their relationship will be quite good.

And, how will you get along with the children of the Virgo sign?

This is a strong relationship but complicatedSince Virgo children are demanding and demand a lot of attention, while Cancer mothers are attentive but cannot bear the commands and need to maintain many moments of inner life without being disturbed. Fortunately, Virgos know how to adapt to these weaknesses of their mother and manage to maintain a cordial relationship with each other.

Discover how is the relationship with your Libra sons or daughters

The Cancer mother is a mother overprotective, and that is something that Libra children do very well, since they usually feel a constant need for love, although sometimes this can overwhelm them. The mother should allow her Libra son or daughter to have a more active social life, since he is very sociable and likes to be around friends, but in general they have a good relationship.

Will the relationship with the children of the Scorpio sign be good?

Among them there is a great compatibility, They get along well and love each other very much, since they understand each other, although the complexity of the character of Scorpio children leads them to try to take advantage of them in certain situations and to not understand their mother in her way of seeing things.

What will be the compatibility of Cancer mothers with their Sagittarius children?

This is certainly a very difficult relationship due to their disparate characters. While for Cancer mothers their home is the best place where they can be, for the Sagittarius child it is a place of passage through the world. The Sagittarius child's love for adventure is not shared with his hoarding and overprotective Cancer mother.

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