How to introduce baby food pieces

How to introduce baby food pieces

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Age and how to introduce baby food into pieces it is a controversial issue. In general, pediatricians recommend the introduction of solid food in small pieces between the 7 and 9 months of age, as favors chewing and with it the development of speech, but always depending on the child and his abilities.

It's normal that babies like to try new flavors and textures, but some people want it very soon and others need more time. By 9 months, babies develop fine motor skills, so they will be able to take small pieces of food and put them in their mouths.

The way to introduce baby food into pieces is to offer pieces of food and encourage them to make the clamp (grab the pieces with the index and thumb) we will be stimulating their psychomotor skills. Also by encouraging him to eat with his fingers we will be helping the child to be Independent. In addition, he will regulate the amount he eats himself and by recognizing these satiety signals he will be able to respond to them appropriately, which could reduce obesity in the future.

The ideal food to offer the baby in pieces is the one that melts well in the mouth, is soft, and has a lower risk of choking, for example:

- Cookies and puff pastry (sweet or salty, taking care of excess salt and sugar)

Fruits and cooked vegetables (that can be crushed with a fork)

- Fresh cheese, ripe banana and cooked pasta that can be crushed with the gums

- Well cooked minced meat

Still the food should be broken into small pieces. Chicken, for example, should be broken into pieces so small that a baby's gums and tongue can crush it.

It is essential that the child is supervised at all times while eating. As well we must avoid putting food they can choke on at their fingertips, for example:

- Pieces of raw vegetables or hard fruit

- Raisins, whole grapes or cherry tomatoes

- Whole sausages (they must be peeled and cut into pieces)

- White bread (large pieces of crumbs are dangerous)

- Chunks of hard cheese

- Nuts (due to their risk of choking and their allergenic potential, it is recommended to delay the introduction of nuts until 3 years)

We must try also avoid giving him sweets or cakes. The child needs to eat nutritious food, but not so much fat or sugar. Chocolate for example can also produce allergy if it is introduced at an early age (before 2 years).

If the child does not like a meal, do not insist on the moment, you can offer it again after a while. Sometimes children reject certain flavors and textures, but then accept them after a while.

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