Teach your children to manage emotional time

Teach your children to manage emotional time

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Adults are obsessed with time, we live by the clock and in a hurry for everything. We do not know enjoy the time that is given to us, and when we have enough, many times we do not know what to use it because we are very used to having everything scheduled and with routines. Yet there is another kind of time, a emotional time that is as important as chronological time and that we should teach our children.

We tell you what is emotional time and how to teach your children to manage emotional time.

In ancient Greece, the Greeks had two gods to name time. The God Kronos and the God Kairos.

Kronos is the word they used to talk about chronological time, that is to say, the logical one that we have created, that is why it is located in the left hemisphere of the brain where the logical mathematical aspects of people are.

And the Kairos is the word that they determined at the right time, in the precise place, in which you are in tune with everything and you feel that it is your maximum fullness. This concept of time is found in the right hemisphere, where creativity is, emotions etc ...

We must not leave the practice of being in the part of Kairos to luck, or to our children who learn to manage alone these moments, but, as parents, we must teach our children that those moments of that time, where they feel full, calm, united and useful with their surroundings, enjoy them thoroughly.

The only thing we have to do is that when our son feels good, or is satisfied in his life, proud of his achievements and efforts, teach him that this is also time and that he enjoy it, especially a conscious way.

Most of us adults go through life subject to chronos and not being aware of Kairos, subject to I have no time, I do not arrive, it does not give me life, I steal a minute ..., this is not what we should teach our children , we must teach the logical time but also emotional time, conscious time.

What 3 aspects do I recommend to start learn to manage emotional time (valid for children and also for parents):

1- Do not generate many commitments.

2- Dose your obligations.

3- Look for moments of silence where you can connect and dialogue with yourself.

You'll see how this freedom will make your children enjoy the little moments much more.

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