What do their parents' children want and expect

What do their parents' children want and expect

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As a parent, do you know what your child really needs? It is not always easy, especially when parents have hectic lives with little time to spend with their little ones.

However, it would be nice if parents always take into account what children, these vulnerable and innocent creatures, expect and want from them.

I have found a letter that describes, with simplicity and tenderness, the wishes of the children regarding their parents. More important than what parents expect from their children is what children expect from their parents:

- Don't give me everything I ask for. Sometimes I just ask to see how much I can receive.

- Do not yell at me. I respect you less when you do it, and you teach me to yell too, and I don't want to.

- Don't always give me orders. If instead of orders you sometimes ask me for things, I would do it faster and with more pleasure.

. Always keep promises, good or bad. If you promise me a prize, give it to me; but also if it is punishment.

. Don't compare me to anyone especially with my brother or sister. If you make me look better than others, someone will suffer, and if you make me look worse than others, I will be the one who suffers.

. Don't change your mind so often about what I should do; make up your mind and keep that decision always.

. Let me fend for myself. If you do everything for me, I will never be able to learn and fend for myself.

. Don't tell lies in front of me, or ask me to say them for you, even to get you out of trouble. You make me feel bad and lose faith in what you say to me.

- When I do something bad, do not demand me tell you "why I did it". Sometimes, even I know.

- When you are wrong about something admit it and the opinion that I have of you will grow. And you will teach me to admit my faults as well.

- Treat me with the same kindness and cordiality what you treat your friends with; since being family does not mean that we cannot be friends too.

- Don't tell me to do something that you wouldn't do. I will always learn and do what you do, even if you don't say it; But I'll never do what you say and don't do

- Teach me to love and know God. It doesn't matter if they want to teach me at school; because it is useless, if I see that you neither know nor love God.

- When I tell you a problem of mine don't tell me "I don't have time for nonsense" or "that doesn't matter." Try to understand me and help me.

- Love me and tell me. I like to hear you say it, even if you don't think it necessary to tell me.

- HUG ME, KISS ME, MAKE ME LOVE… I NEED TO FEEL YOU CLOSE TO ME. I need to feel you my friend and my partner at all hours.

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