What to eat before a pregnancy ultrasound

What to eat before a pregnancy ultrasound

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One of the most exciting moments in pregnancy, apart from that moment when the second line appears on the home pregnancy test is the day of the first ultrasound.

One of the most desired ultrasounds is the one in which the baby's sex is known. Is it possible that the diet we follow allows the baby to look better? What should we eat before an ultrasound?

Ultrasound scans are imaging techniques that use high-frequency sound waves to look at organs and structures inside the body, such as the mother's uterus and the growing baby inside it, generating images on a monitor created from behavior of these waves. Depending on where the woman is in the pregnancy, ultrasounds can be:

  • Transvaginal, for the first weeks of pregnancy
  • ABS, the most common.

Although it is not necessary to eat or avoid any food when planning an ultrasound, transvaginal ultrasound usually requires a full bladder, so it is advisable to lthe woman drink enough liquids before the same and that the bladder is not emptied until the procedure is complete.

Abdominal ultrasounds during pregnancy do not usually require a full bladder, because the woman's uterus is already full of fluid, facilitating the propagation of the waves.

One of the most desired ultrasounds for the couple of new parents is the one that, towards the middle of the pregnancy, allows to determine the sex of the baby that is on the way. However, the importance of this ultrasound performed at week 20 is not the sex of the baby, but rather that the baby is at the optimal moment to observe and confirm the viability and correct development and functioning of all its organs.

The baby must be kept in the most suitable position so that the specialist can make all the pertinent measurements and observations. The visualization of its internal organs does not usually present great complications, however, to determine the sex of the baby, it must be placed in a position that allows it to be easily visualized, a task that is sometimes impossible: babies who move too much, others who stand turned back, some who refuse to move ...

As a rule, sugar is usually the ally of mothers when it comes to getting the baby to move, be it a chocolate bar or a candy and even a piece of very sweet fruit. If you want an even faster effect, and something that is easy to carry in your bag in case the need arises, it is better to resort to a drink, something that, although it is not highly recommended, perhaps this is the time to give the whim: a good drink from a brick of commercial juice or a can of a sugary drink.

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