Why the intensity curve of the school year does not work

Why the intensity curve of the school year does not work

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The end of the school year is approaching, it is the time when children should work harder, even though it is when they are most tired. Why the school year intensity curve does not work? The demands of the school year are not in accordance with the predisposition and natural effort of the child throughout the year to face studies and homework.

We show you how the intensity curve is required in schools as the course progresses, and the drawbacks that this causes.

The school year is an effort for children that grows as the course progresses. During the first months of the course, the child is located in his new class, his new teacher, to new classmates, to books with a more complicated vocabulary and fewer illustrations ... so it is natural that the beginning of the course is a lowest level until the child begins to feel comfortable.

As the months go by, the child begins to achieve a routine of study, of doing homework, of responsibility, of integrity within the class and the group of his classmates, and this usually causes the levels of attention and effort.

In this way, towards the middle of the year, the child's performance in school is usually seen; if it is difficult for him to really understand things, if he makes an effort to meet the proposed objectives, if he understands what is explained to him ... The child is really adapted and this is the moment where he can perform more at school level.

However, when the course is ending the child relaxes, you are already tired, and if we add to that some additional inconveniences such as that the days are getting longer and the weather is better, so you want to be less studying and more playing in the park, and that the holidays are approaching and everyone, including the Parents, we have more mind on the beach, the mountain, or the town, than on books or the computer, it is clear that performance will decrease as plummeting as the prices of coats in summer.

Following this overwhelming logic of human and surely divine behavior, what is not understandable is that during last months of course are the hardest, and the time when children should study and squeeze the most. With this it is clear to us that the curve of the intensity of the class is inversely proportional to the curve of interest and effort in the child, as a general rule, although there are always exceptions, of course.

It is really ridiculous, that knowing this fact as true as the ground we walk on, the institutions continue to maintain this educational system against the interests of the children themselves.

The end of the course is really a stress for our children, It is the moment in which they must deliver the end-of-course work, they must examine everything they have seen throughout the year, recoveries come for those who did not pass the first exams ... what we have called all their lives: the final push, and it's a shame that this happens just when one is already more than broken.

Perhaps they should rethink the possibility that the final months will be review of what was seen, of experiencing in practice everything that has been studied, of visiting and knowing what appeared in the books, and not of kneeling the elbows on the table with the blow of a flexo and looking with the face of a prisoner as the world blooms and moves on the outside of our window.

There I leave my humble reflection, in case someone gets it, and with the union of minds we make the strength that is needed to change so many things in education.

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