Darío sails through the clouds. Children's tale about chasing dreams

Darío sails through the clouds. Children's tale about chasing dreams

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If your child is one of those who has a very definite goal in life, or a dream that he would like to fulfill, with this story you can help him to never give up.

Chasing our dreams is something that can be complicated, that it takes a lot of effort, but that also usually gives many satisfactions. Teach your child not to stop Follow your dreams with this precious tale.

Darío had always been an adventurer. Dreamed of performing exotic travel and discover new and different civilizations. He was always looking at the horizon and imagining what he would discover beyond the high mountains that enclosed his small town in the valley.

However, although his eyes were on the sky and he was studying birds carefully, he was scared of airplanes and he was never going to get on one. On the contrary, although he had never seen the sea, he admired the boats that he saw in his stories.

In the valley there was a small river, but Darío knew that he could not sail with a boat. So he made a decision: he would build a ship that would fly. For it, recycled all the gadgets and parts that he found and that his neighbors discarded. He had to study a lot, so when he left school he would spend the afternoons in the library taking notes on the construction of ships and airplanes in order to create his flying ship. His invention would be called Barbión.

At first Darío's friends thought that he had gone crazy and even laughed at him. But Darío didn't care, he had a dream and since childhood his family had taught him that you have to fight and work hard to achieve those dreams. But as Barvión grew older, Darío's friends began to believe in him. Many were even those who wanted to participate in his adventure and become his crew.

Barbión was already ready. And before the expectation of all the people, instead of setting sail, it took off. Darío, who had become a true captain, took advantage of a current of air so that Barbión reached height. The birds applauded the colors of Barbión and showed Darío the way to reach other lands. During the day, the crew played with the clouds as if they were dolphins and, at night, they fished for stars while the moon illuminated them.

If you want to know if your child has understood the message of the story, ask these simple reading comprehension questions.

  • What dream did Darío have?
  • What did you do to be able to fulfill it?
  • Did you have to try too hard?
  • What was your invention called? What was it for?
  • What dream do you have that you would like to fulfill?

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