Bambi. Traditional children's story

The Children's Stories they are ideal to encourage reading among children. A good time to instill the habit of reading is when you go to sleep. For this, parents have to share a reading time with our children and make them see that books are a very fun vehicle to travel through our imagination.

In Guiainfantil we encourage you to read with the little ones in the house Bambi's tender story. With this story your children will learn the values ​​of friendship and love through reading, which will make them become increasingly interested in books.

Spring had come. The forest was very beautiful. The little animals woke up from the long winter and all expected a happy event.

- 'The fawn is born! The prince of the forest is born! ' the drum bunny as he ran from one side to the other.

All the animals went to visit the little deer, whom his mother put Bambi's name. The fawn reached up and tried to get up. Its long, thin legs made it fall again and again. Finally, he managed to stand.

Tambor became a teacher for the little boy. She learned many things from him while playing in the forest.

Summer passed and the dreaded winter arrived. Upon awakening one morning, Bambi discovered that the entire forest was covered in snow. It was a lot of fun trying to ride it. But he also discovered that winter was very sad, because there was hardly any food.

One day he saw a group of older deer running. He was amazed to see the one who was in front of everyone. He was bigger and stronger than the others. It was the Great Prince of the Forest.

That day Bambi's mother was restless. He sniffed the environment trying to discover what was happening. Suddenly, he heard a shot and told Bambi to run without stopping. Bambi ran and ran into the thick of the forest. When he turned to look for his mother, he saw that she was no longer coming. Poor Bambi cried a lot.

- 'You must be brave because your mother will not return. Come on, follow me, 'said the Great Prince of the Forest.

Bambi had grown a lot when spring came. One day, while he was drinking water in the pond, he saw a deer reflected in the water behind him. It was beautiful and agile and they soon became friends.

One morning, Bambi woke up scared. From the top of the mountain he saw a hunting camp. She ran there and found her friend surrounded by dogs. Bambi helped him escape and they didn't part anymore. When spring came, Falina, that was the name of the deer, had two young. They were the sons of Bambi who, in time, became the Great Prince of the Forest.

If you have to walk through the forest, do not do any evil to the animals.


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