Games for children to lose their fear of monsters

Games for children to lose their fear of monsters

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The fear of monsters, witches, ghosts or any other imaginary being is a normal fear among children that usually accompanies the fear of the dark or to be alone. It is a mix between the innate instinct for survival and the extraordinary imagination that dominates childhood.

Play can be very useful in helping children to lose fear and overcome the terror that paralyzes them and prevents them from sleeping or being in dark rooms and hallways.

Shall we play monsters? This may be the start for help your child lose their fear of monsters, witches, ghosts and other imaginary beings that fill children's overflowing imaginations with fear. Let's use play as therapy, as a way to help them while having fun and laughing.

1. Throw a monster party. Now that Halloween is coming, it is time to put this game into practice. Let the child choose the type of monster he wants to be, dress up you too and let yourself go. Through 'playing to be' and 'dressing up as' we can help our children to explore their personality, face new challenges and / or overcome certain fears.

2. Let's play scares. We can incorporate this game as part of the previous one or play without having to dress up. It is about the child hiding and frightening us and vice versa.

3. On the hunt for monsters. Take advantage of this Halloween or any other occasion to propose a monster hunt at home. Hide monsters and ghosts, witches and other imaginary beings throughout the rooms. Place pictures of these imaginary beings under the beds, inside the closets, and look for them in the dark with the help of a flashlight. You will also have to prepare some monster collecting traps, which could perfectly be recycled shoe boxes. Decorate them with the motifs that you like the most and put all the monsters and fears in them. Take a count and reward effort and bravery.

4. Chinese shadow theater in the dark. Create fun cutouts with ghost or monster shapes to make Chinese shadows in the dark of your room, play with them and make funny voices. They will have a great time and see how nothing happens with those monstrous shadows.

5. Draw your scariest monster. And how do you imagine it to be a monster? Drawing is another excellent tool for fighting fear. Ask the child to draw his monsters, to create them as he imagines them. If there are several children we can make a contest with the drawings: prize for the funniest monster, the friendliest, the hairiest, ...

Note that depending on the degree of fear that the child feels we will have to choose which or which of these activities can best be adapted for him. If we see that he is having a bad time, it is better to leave him rather than force him. Our attitude is going to be key to making it fun.

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