The importance of cholesterol in childhood

The importance of cholesterol in childhood

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Given the bad press that precedes cholesterol, it is easy for most people to be unaware that, although high cholesterol levels are a health problem, cholesterol itself, its contribution through diet, is necessary for the proper functioning of the body. On our site we clarify the importance of cholesterol in childhood.

The cells of the human body need cholesterol and fat for their functions And, for these fatty components to circulate in the blood, it is necessary that they do so in association with lipoproteins, since blood is an aqueous medium.

There are two lipoproteins that carry cholesterol:

  • Low-density proteins (LDL) that transport cholesterol to tissues and are popularly known as "bad cholesterol."
  • High-density proteins (HDL), which transport it to the liver to be processed and eliminated, known as “good cholesterol”.

Basically, some lipoproteins facilitate the entry of cholesterol into cells, while the others eliminate it, hence they are considered good.

Cholesterol is used for the manufacture of steroid hormones, linked to maintaining optimal weight, digestion, and bone health, processes of great importance in childhood. Cholesterol is used to:

Specifically, cholesterol plays an important role in the digestion of our body, helping the liver to create the bile necessary to digest fats. Thus, cholesterol prevents the accumulation of undigested fat in the bloodstream, which would cause circulatory and heart problems in the future.

- Regarding its cellular function, cholesterol is part of the cell membrane, providing the cell with the structure it needs to function properly. What's more, is essential in the formation of new cells and in the repair of worn or injured cells.

- It is also involved in the synthesis of vitamin D, essential for the metabolism of calcium and its fixation to the bones, among others. These processes are of great importance during growth, since new cells are being formed, both in the bone system and in other parts of the body, and without cholesterol, they will not form properly.

- On the other hand, cholesterol plays a critical role in the nervous system, improving learning and memory, being its contribution of immense value for children of school and preschool age, as well as during early childhood, moments in which babies and children are able to absorb knowledge in surprising ways.

Although an excess of cholesterol is definitely a red flag, cholesterol is necessary in the diet of our little ones, so we must be careful not to eliminate it completely.

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