The incredible benefits of berries for children

The incredible benefits of berries for children

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The red fruits or fruits of the forest, are some very interesting fruits in the diet of the little ones in the house, and of the not so little ones, of course.

On our site we tell you what the benefits of berries or berries for children.

The red fruits or fruits of the forest include a variety of fruits of relatively small size that generally grow in bushes, such as the strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and other wild berries. These are its benefits:

1- These fruits do not contain stone, and are easy to chew, so They are ideal for the baby to start learning to chew. In addition, they are fruits with relatively little sugar content, perfect for keeping children's consumption of simple sugars under control, and, thanks to this, their caloric intake is very low, being very useful as a snack between meals.

2- Nutritionally, the fruits of the forest provide tremendous amounts of vitamin C, even above those that citrus fruits can provide, despite being the best known and recommended as a source of vitamin C.

3- They also stand out minerals like magnesium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, potassium, or calcium among the most frequent, being beneficial for the health of the bones, the brain and for the good state of the heart and the cardiovascular system. Curiously, red fruits contain among their micronutrients the star combination for the absorption of non-heme iron: iron and vitamin C, enhancing its absorption.

4- They also contain beneficial properties for the immune system, something to keep in mind since the child's immune system is not 100% developed. For example, blueberries contain protocyanindins, related to protection against urinary infections. Proanthocyanidins protect the bladder against microbial colonization, preventing the bacteria that cause these types of uncomfortable infections from adhering to the target tissues. The appearance of urinary infections or cystitis is very frequent, especially in young girls, when, with the removal of the diaper, they begin to go to the bathroom and clean themselves.

5- Its water and fiber content is also of great importance in childhood, since they help to protect, at the same time, against two problems that children can suffer, unfortunately more frequently than desired, dehydration and constipation.

Overall, the benefits of these fruits are very high, in addition to being easy to transport and eat, since they do not need peeling. Its use is wide, since they can be eaten as such or added to breakfast cereals, shakes, smoothies or yogurts. They can be found fresh or frozen, so there is no need to worry about the harvest season.

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