What topics our children hide from us

We all have secrets. It is normal, and even healthy. We must each have our privacy, as long as we are not hurting others. Our interior life It is a small corner where we can look at ourselves as we really are, like that mirror that appeared in The Neverending Story in which it was reflected as one really was, and most of the men fled in terror from it.

It is normal that we want show a picture of us cleaner to others, and especially to our parents.

We tell you what the themes that our children hide from us.

My mother always told me that she knew me better than I did, and during adolescence, I thought: "if you only knew ..." My mother insisted on ask me all those questions As a mother as soon as she grabbed the doorknob to leave the house: where are you going? with whom? what are you doing with your friends? do you go out with a boy? ... she only claimed interest, like the one had with his friends, but I was sure that she did not question her friends in the Gestapo way, so all those questions she reserved for me, and if she insisted a lot on an answer, she would give one that she might like, although as a good Mediterranean mother, I had an X-ray vision, which the X-Men wanted for themselves, and which revealed everything inside me just by looking at me.

It is clear that the lie occurs when we do not trust the response of our parents about our attitudes, because we know or believe that we are doing something wrong and we do not want, neither to be prohibited, nor to scold or punish us.

The truth is that the trust that each one places in their family depends a lot on the education we receive. How much less let's criticize the more likely the child is to tell us without fear what he is really doing.

In a study carried out by Javier Elzo, professor of Sociology at the University of Deusto, among some 4000 schoolchildren between 10 and 16 years old, the issues that children hide the most from us have come to light.

It is curious that the themes that the children hide from us they differ if they are boys or girls. And that both, some like others, there are 10.8% of children who do not hide anything from their parents.

Topics that girls hide from their parents:

1- Relations with Boys.

2- Where do I go and what do I do when I go out?

3- I have a boyfriend and what I do with him.

4- Who I like.

5- Problems with my friends, fights and anger.

6- Suspensions.

7- What I do with my friends.

8- Bad grades.

9- I drink alcohol.

10- Sexual relations.

Topics that children hide from their parents:

1- Bad grades.

2- Relations with the girls.

3- Where do I go and what do I do outside?

4- If I have bride and what I do with it.

5- Suspensions.

6- Who I like.

7- What I do with my friends.

8- I drink alcohol.

9- My problems.

10- Fights.

Surprisingly, the subject of sex is one of the last on the list of children of the 21st century, something that has changed notably in recent years, since 30 years ago it was one of the first.

Now we should analyze what are the topics that parents hide from our children, that there are, there are.

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