10 tips for recycling children's toys

10 tips for recycling children's toys

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The more children grow, the more abilities they acquire and their natural responses to games and toys also change. Their interests change according to the abilities and skills they gain.

Children grow up, they need to renew their toys, and what happens to the toys they no longer use? To promote recycling, the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers (AEFJ) has created some tips for recycling toys.

The recycling toys it can be a good time to share between parents and children. In this sense, José Antonio Pastor, President of the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers (AEFJ), highlights that 'involving children in recycling their toys allows them to transmit values ​​such as cooperation and solidarity, in addition to educating on consumer responsible and environmental conservation '.

In this sense, Spanish toy manufacturers already introduce environmental criteria in its manufacturing processes such as the use of recyclable materials.

Other toys must be deposited in recycling points that allow the reuse of your materials. The AEFJ recommends following these tips to breathe new life into toys after use.

1- If the toys are still useful, offer them to family, friends or acquaintances with minor children.

2- Take them to a nursery, school or toy libraries.

3- Give them to an outpatient or hospital center.

4- Donate them to a non-profit institution.

5- If they are something old, go to one of the Toy Museums that may exist where you live. They could be useful to complete a collection.

6- Put an ad and hang it in a nursery, school or on the Internet to offer them to people who really need them.

7- Take them to a reception center childish.

8- Donate them to a charity market.

9- Encourage your creativity and give them new uses.

10- In the case of unusable toys, remove the batteries and leave them in a recycling clean point.

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