Leader for a day. A tale about bossy kids

Leader for a day. A tale about bossy kids

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Bossy kids have a hard time making friends, their need for impose on others many times it makes them stay away from the group when colleagues or friends do not do what they say.

The tolerance towards other perspectives, or ways of facing certain issues in the game, are not their strong suit and they prefer to remain alone than to give in to other proposals different from their own. For this reason teaching children not to be bossy is essential for a good common coexistence.

With this children's story about bossy kids, your child will realize that sending is not as fun as it seems, and that the common good must always prevail.

Tania really liked to command and give orders. Her friends thought of her as a butch and they didn't like to play with her very much.

However, Community Day was soon to be celebrated, when all children could take the Test of Courage. The first to overcome it would become the leader for a day, being able to give up to three orders, for the good of the Community, which all had to fulfill.

Tania had prepared a lot. In this edition they had to get to the Well of Light and find out what three words they were drawn in the background.

After starting, the judges ran to get to the well. Overcoming his fear of height, he peeked out very bravely. The first word was clear, it said "Friends." The other two, as it was somewhat dark, took him more to decipher, but he soon discovered them: "Share and Respect." I already had the three words! And, almost without realizing it, she discovered that she had been the first to find out. That was going to be her big day: she was the leader.

All the other children started yelling and congratulating her, but she got very nervous, and yelled at them. he ordered to shut up to all. The children understood that Tania had just given her first order and fell silent. But the little girl was annoyed that she had already spent an order.

While Tania was trying to think of an order that was to do the good of the community, all the friends came very close to her, waiting to see what she would say. It was then that Pedro accidentally stepped on the leader. Tania, annoyed, yelled at him: "Get away." And everyone understood it as the second order. Tania discovered how difficult it is to command.

There was only one order left to give. And it was by looking at the other children as it occurred to him.

- "I order you all to Play" - Tania said at last smiling.

From that day on, Tania no longer liked to command so much. He had discovered that it was much better for everyone to think about how to have fun.

Find out if your child has understood the story well by asking these simple questions.

  • Why didn't anyone want to play with Tania?
  • Why did Tania want to win the Leader for a day contest?
  • What were the words that he found?
  • Why did you find that commanding was not fun?

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