The elephant and the crocodile. Children's story to teach not to criticize

The elephant and the crocodile. Children's story to teach not to criticize

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It is something very common in humans, both in children and adults: criticize others. So much so that, at times, there is a tendency to criticize the same person and to sharpen everything he says or thinks without giving him the opportunity to really make himself known,

The elephant and the crocodile is a beautiful children's story to teach not to criticize and educate children not to judge others without knowing them or to be carried away by the opinions of others.

An elephant and a crocodile lived in the jungle very close to each other without ever having seen each other before.

The elephant was spoken very badly about the crocodile:

"It's just a traitorous lizard," said a parrot.

"His skin is hard and rough and he's very proud," said the lion.

"His eyes are ugly and bulging," said a bulging-eyed toad.

On the other hand, the crocodile was told in the same way about the elephant:

"He has a ridiculous trunk," said an anteater.

- It has fat legs and is big and clumsy. - Said a hippopotamus.

- It is a spiteful and distrustful animal - said an old fox.

One day, the gazelle, friend of the two animals and oblivious to all this gossip he made them meet and, although at first the elephant and the crocodile looked at each other suspiciously, they immediately began to talk to each other animatedly.

Although you have that trunk

you seem elegant to me,

the crocodile said speaking

at the moment the elephant.

Although they say you're scary

I find you very nice,

the elephant said speaking

the jungle crocodile.

Little by little, without paying attention to the malicious comments of the others, they got to know each other and over timethey became great friends.

In addition to the reading activity, which already has many benefits in itself for children, we suggest that you ask questions to find out if they have understood what they have read:

- Who were the animals criticizing?

- What did they say about them?

- What happened in the end with the elephant and the crocodile?

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