10 curiosities of the Echo to explain to children

10 curiosities of the Echo to explain to children

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'Eco-eco-ecooo'. Have you ever asked your child to shout this word on top of a mountain? Children love hearing their voice repeated over and over again. Some think that it is the mountains themselves that speak.

Here you can find 10 curiosities about the echo and answer all the questions your child has about this phenomenon. You are ready?

Surely your son once asked you about the echo. Few manage to understand why the mountains or an empty place return the voice in that way. Here you will find the answer to all your questions.

1. Why does the echo exist. The echo is produced because sound waves bounce off a surface and return to the point of origin. It's like throwing a stone and it bounces off a surface. In technical words, the echo is the reflection of sound.

2. But is the echo always heard? The echo is only heard if there is a delay of between 1 and 10 seconds from the original sound. So don't wait an eternity. If you don't hear what you said in 10 seconds, there will be no echo.

3. But is the echo useful? As incredible as it may seem, it does. Did you know that many boaters use echo to determine the possibility of an iceberg nearby on foggy days? They also use it to measure the buoyancy of water.

4. And can animals also perceive the echo? Of course. In fact, dolphins use the echo to navigate in the darkness of the deep ocean. And look, they are agile! Bats also communicate by echo. This communication is called echolocation.

5. Are there areas where the echo is more easily heard? Yes. There are areas of the Earth where the echo is much clearer. Especially in the mountains. If you want to enjoy the echo, go up a mountain in the middle of a mountain range. And try! But there are also specific areas. For example, Woodstock Castle, in England. If inside the castle you read an extract from a novel, the echo will give you back ... 17 syllables!

6. And if what I don't want is an echo, what should I do? If it is an interior, you must fill the room with furniture and curtains, which slow down the expansion of the echo, since they are bad reflectors of sound.

7. But why is the echo called Echo? There is a legend, from Greek mythology, about the story of a very beautiful and cheerful nymph named Echo. Everyone fell at her feet. So the God Zeus also succumbed to his charms. Zeus's wife punished her, forcing her to live in valleys, caves, and mountains, and not be able to speak. Soo could repeat the last words of what I heard. Nice legend, right?

8. Is it true that ducks do not emit an echo? There are many theories about it, and they don't seem to agree. Some studies determine that they can emit an echo, while other scientists maintain that it is the only animal that does not generate an echo when emitting sounds.

9. Do you have to be at a certain distance to hear the echo? Yes. You cannot be within 17 meters of the object that the sound is bouncing off of. That is, if you are in the mountains, you must be more than 17 meters from the mountain you are screaming against.

10. Is the echo better heard in the mountains or on a plain? You have a better chance of finding an echo in the mountains, but if you find an echo in a plain, it will be much better, sharper.

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