How is the relationship between the Capricorn mother and her Aquarius daughter

How is the relationship between the Capricorn mother and her Aquarius daughter

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Although the Capricorn mother hasdifferent way of understanding life that his daughter Aquarius, the truth is that there is a lot of harmony between the two.

The one is almost opposite to the other and that sometimes causes conflict of characters, since Capricorn is an earth sign, while Aquarius is an air sign: one with her feet on the ground, the other, flying in the clouds.

We tell youhow is the relationship between the Capricorn mother and the Aquarius daughter.

The Capricorn mother prefersreality to reverie. She is a practical woman who seeks security, perseverance and trusts in work to achieve her goals.

She is of eternal patience and very tenacious, but also stubborn, and with little mental flexibility, which makes the people around her sometimes have to leave her for impossible.

He likes tranquility and to form acomfortable home and stable for yours, whom you prefer to have grouped together.

Has aclosed character so it is difficult to reach a total rapport with her, but she is a mother who cares a lot about her children, perhaps excessively.

She is severe and demanding, but she is also consistent and tries to apply reason and understand others.

Although it is an explosive sign, the Aquarius daughter does not like confrontations, so she has a peaceful character.

They are daughters hard to understand, especially for the practical minds of Capricorns. They are enigmatic girls, difficult to know in depth, since they do not usually show themselves as they are for fear that others will reject them or do not understand them.

Aredreamers and they rarely have their feet on the ground. They have a disturbing inner life, which borders on the metaphysical of things and is always surrounded by a kind of uncertainty about their future.

They prefer quiet games, animals, and nature, as well as mechanical toys.

They tend towardshumanitarian and social professions, and they fly into artistic grounds such as the arts and music.

Even though they areantagonistic signs, The truth is that the Capricorn mother tends to get along well with her Aquarius daughter, although it is not difficult for small conflicts to arise derived from their different ways of seeing life.

The volatility of Aquarius ideas often makes the child nervous.pragmatic character from the Capricorn mother, who prefers her daughter to tend more toward less artistic and safer professions.

Aquarius daughters pose an enigma for their mothers, since their different way of interpreting life is disturbing to them, in addition, daughters tend to have a strong character and are very autonomous, which Capricorn mothers, who like to control everything, it is difficult for them to accept.

They are very girlsinnocentBut they need to explore their ideas in their own way and at their own pace.

The parents of the Aquarius daughtersthey must let them fly and do not clip their wings, since then they will bring out their most rebellious spirit.

The best thing for Capricorn mother and Aquarius daughter to get along, is dialogue and reach agreements.

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