10 tips for parents of children allergic to grasses

10 tips for parents of children allergic to grasses

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When winter has been very rainy, it usually results in a large supply of grass pollen during spring. This results in a fairly tough season for children with seasonal allergies.

For this reason, from our site we want to provide you with a series of tips for parents of children allergic to grasses to better cope with the season.

- Reduce outings to the fields and garden areas as much as possible. This is easy to say, but fulfilling it is not so easy anymore. In spring there are more hours of sunshine, the weather is better, and the little ones in the house want to take advantage of this good time to play outdoors.

- Avoid, as far as possible, go outside first thing in the morning and late in the afternoon. Those are the peak pollination hours.

- See the information about the amount of pollen in your region. Such information available on the Internet.

- Even if it is difficult for the child, avoid school trips outdoors, especially in children who have asthma due to allergic sensitization, and who are not well controlled.

- Ventilate your asthmatic child's room for a few minutes. Five minutes is enough to renew the air in a normal-size room.

- When traveling by car, try to keep the windows closed. Change, when stipulated, the pollen filter of your vehicle.

- If your child has asthma due to sensitization to grasses, always travel with the salbutamol inhaler and the spacer chamber.

- It is important that you administer the specific medication that your pediatrician has prescribed (oral antihistamines, eye drops, inhalers), and that you keep it until the end of spring.

- SunglassesWith their "barrier effect", they will not have a curative effect, but they can reduce the discomfort of eye symptoms. It is important, yes, that they are approved and that you buy them at an optician.

- Remember, whenever you take him to school, put a pack of tissues. That little detail is important too.

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