How spring influences to achieve pregnancy

How spring influences to achieve pregnancy

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Spring is coming and the days are longer, sun exposure increases and we begin to notice a series of changes in our habits. We can say yes that spring can help improve sexual intercourse.

However, not all the effects are positive: asthenia and allergies can harm intimate relationships. We explain how spring influences you to achieve pregnancy. Or more specifically, how spring influences a woman's libido.

Once winter is over, the mood seems to improve. The days are longer, also the hours of exposure to the sun ... We begin to feel more happiness and desire to organize plans. We go out of the house more and meet our partner more often. If our habits change overall, so does our sex life.

Indeed, many of the changes that occur on these dates, directly affect female libido, which in turn can influence the achievement of a pregnancy. Did you know, for example, that greater exposure to the sun makes our body secrete a greater amount of vitamin D, which gives us an extra dose of energy? But it is not the only thing that happens to our body when this season arrives ...

You have to know that spring directly influences female libido in these aspects:

1. Secretion of vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for the correct absorption of calcium and the protection of bones. Its deficit can lead to diseases such as osteoporosis, and the sun is one of the means by which we can acquire it. Some studies have shown that this vitamin also helps to generate a higher level of testosterone, thus increasing libido and sexual desire.

2. Endorphins. With this exposure to the sun, a greater secretion of these hormones is obtained at the same time, which help to reduce stress, lifting the mood and therefore the reception to sexual activity.

3. Aromatherapy. With the heat the aromas are magnified, especially the more intense perfumes, also affecting pheromones, responsible for interpersonal relationships. This mixture makes us more likely to interact during the spring, and therefore to maintain intimate relationships.

4. Spring asthenia. Not all the influence of this time is positive, since there are cases in which these weeks cause irritability, fatigue, drowsiness or headaches, among other symptoms. Women with this disorder tend to see their libido reduced, which is why some nutritional supplement products have begun to be marketed that try to improve not only desire, but also sexual arousal.

5. Allergy. This time of year is also characterized by allergies, which can influence a lower desire, precisely due to the discomfort caused by itchy eyes, sneezing and reluctance in general. In this sense, it is best to wait for the days of greatest virulence to pass, to be able to enjoy full relationships later.

Paying attention to these points, and taking into account that sexual dysfunctions can be controlled and solved, all that remains is to enjoy these three months of spring time and better sex.

Source: Procare Health. Laboratory specialized in women's health

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