Cute pictures of sleepy babies

Cute pictures of sleepy babies

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A selection of the best photos of sleeping babies. Cute and exciting!


Tender photo of a baby, wrapped in a blanket and green hat that rests in a fruit bowl. How calm they are when they sleep!

Girls want to be beautiful from the moment they are born, so this baby doesn't even forget her hat when she sleeps. You are sure to sit in the clouds while you sleep and rest to continue learning every day.

This baby has gotten tired of waiting for his picture to be taken and has fallen asleep. A photo of a very wintry baby with his wool hat.

When twins or twins are born, the parents' task becomes much more complicated, but seeing this photo of the sleeping babies makes up for all the sleepless nights.

Babies have to wear clothes suitable for the weather in winter and summer. This warm baby takes a good nap wrapped in her little white clothes.

When you are sleepy you can sleep anywhere. This baby photo proves it with a child resting peacefully ... in a bucket no less!

Drink like a frog. Children are very flexible, especially when they are babies. That is why they can adopt curious ones to sleep, like the baby in this photo, who has decided to pose as a frog.

When babies begin to crawl they can reach any corner of the house, including the laundry basket. The baby in the photo sleeps peacefully with the towels, he will surely like it even more than his crib.

Dads who like hippie style will love this baby photo. A girl sleeping with her nice flower headband, happy and colorful.

Bath time can be a lot of fun for babies, and it's the best way for them to be calm and relaxed when it comes to bedtime. Some, as seen in this baby photo, have not resisted falling for a nap wrapped in a towel and a pink bathrobe.

When a baby is born, it spends many hours sleeping, a moment that parents take advantage of to rest and, above all, to start taking pictures of the newborn. Her smooth skin and deep sleep is irresistible to cameras.

Dads love taking photos of babies with funny clothes, like in this photo. A nice baby sleeps with a very nice hat that has built-in ears.

Babies and animal puppies sometimes have more in common than meets the eye. In this baby photo, the crib has become a real nest, in which the newborn rests as if it were a little bird.

Parents love to dress up the little ones in the house, either for Carnivals or on any occasion. This photo of a newborn with a mouse-eared hat is proof that even when we are asleep we cannot resist.

When our baby comes home it is time to take a nap in the most original way. In this newborn photo, the parents chose a very original hat that imitates a watermelon. To eat it !.

Sometimes storks have to make long journeys to bring babies to their parents. Luckily, when they stop to sleep, so do babies like in this photo of a newborn rocking in his sleeping bag.

Newborn babies sleep many hours, and they have to be well protected during their sleep, this girl has been given a nice little hat so she can have sweet dreams with her parents.

This baby photo awakens the tenderness of all parents, who surely remember the expression 'sleeping like an angel'. Children's sleep is very important for their development.

Girls want to be princesses from a young age, as you can see in this newborn photo. A baby who rests with a very nice flower headband and whose parents have surely not been able to resist photographing while dreaming.

Babies have great flexibility, and they show it by sleeping in the most unlikely places. This baby photo shows that they are able to rest in very funny postures and without the slightest fear of heights.

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