A weekend with your partner and without children

A weekend with your partner and without children

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They say that after the storm calm always comes. After waiting, the birth of children and after a few years, it is normal for 'the dust to settle' in a house.

The first years of the children always demand more attention, care, but from the age of two or three when they take their first steps towards autonomy, we can 'breathe' more calmly and dedicate ourselves more to life as a couple. How about a little trip or a day off without children?

Taking a trip, a getaway, whatever, or just having a day off just for the couple is something that is greatly appreciated. We renew our forces, ties, passions, and all the senses that, for some reason, were left behind. Reliving pleasures, sleeping together until ten o'clock in the morning, having a placid breakfast without having to worry about preparing porridge, making cribs or beds, changing diapers, dressing our children ... those activities that we do morning after morning, as if we were robots.

Being able to read leisurely in bed, go to the cinema or the museum to see that exhibition that you have been trying to find a space to visit for a long time, without your little ones being there, pulling on your skirt to serve them ... Prepare a special meal in house together or eat in a restaurant by candlelight without being aware that the crystal glasses do not fall, listen to your favorite music instead of the typical children's songs' let's go for a walk, foot, foot, foot ... in my ugly car, ho, ho, ho ... ', all day.

Going out for a walk with folded arms, chatting and telling us little things ... I know it sounds like a fiction movie, but believe, that's possible. When you can, surprise your partner and run away! Your children will thank you when they return. Important: you will not stop being parents.

Being childless for a day or a weekend does not have to feel guilty or bad parents. You will not be abandoning them. They will also be happy with their grandparents, uncles, friends, with people you trust, and with them they will learn new experiences.

Children are and will always be our most valued treasure, but that does not mean that we have to live only and exclusively for them. If the couple is not happy, the children feel it. Think about it, but not much.

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