Best Hotels in Brussels for Kids

Best Hotels in Brussels for Kids

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Brussels, the capital of the European Union, is a green, vibrant city, comfortable to walk around and relatively small, so there is hardly any need to use transport. An ideal destination for traveling with young children.

The wide range of hotels in Brussels has a multitude of apartments and hotels specifically designed for families, with special prices, all the necessary services and I include children's rooms.

Brussels is not an expensive destination in terms of hotel rooms. Searching well and booking in advance, you will be able to find with relative ease a room to sleep from 60 euros a night.

When booking, remember to check the availability and price of extra beds for children.

When looking for where to find the hotel, the best area for families is undoubtedly the one near the Grand Place. In its surroundings is where you will spend the most time and where the best atmosphere of cafes, restaurants and shops are.

As is logical, if you move a little away from this area, the prices of the hotels will decrease. So it's not a bad option to save a little money either.

Of course, check first if from that place you have a good combination of public transport or how long it will take you to walk to the center.

Another option is to rent downtown apartments. Today there are many offers in this regard. If the children are very young, it will be much more comfortable to have a kitchen 24 hours a day.

Brussels Youth Hostels

If you are going to Brussels as a family, take advantage of the services offered by youth hostels. Book a stay at the Jacques Brel Youth Hostel or the Génération Europe Youth Hostel, two establishments located in the center of Brussels.

Novotel in Brussels

At the three Novotels in Brussels, your children are our guests. Opt for family rooms, play spaces, or children's menus. Family accommodation and breakfast are free for 2 children under 16 years old.

Radisson Hotel in Brussels

The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, located in the heart of Brussels, offers a large number of benefits and services for families, with a welcome gift pack for the little ones. Children from 0 to 12 years old have 50% discounts on food and drinks.

Pullman Hotel in Brussels

Take advantage of the benefits and services offered by the Pullman Brussels Midi Hotel as a family, the ideal starting point for visiting Brussels' Grand-Place and the attractions of the city center. They have connecting rooms at a reduced price.

Hotel Chelton in Brussels

The Hôtel Chelton has been designed for the comfort of families. Entirely renovated in early 2013, this 3-star establishment offers spacious rooms. It is located 200 meters from the Cinquantenaire Park and its museums.

Photographs: Thomas Blairon - Belgian Tourist Office: Brussels and Wallonia

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