5 most popular games for children in Mexico

5 most popular games for children in Mexico

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The most popular children's games in Mexico they are very similar to those of other Latin cultures. Many of them are played with the same rules, differing only in name. This type of hobby has been lost over the years although in early childhood education they continue to be promoted as an example of collective entertainment.

In We wanted to recall five traditional Mexican games so that the children know a little more about what their parents or even their grandparents used to play during their free time.

The 5 most popular games for children in Mexico are a classic in other Spanish-speaking countries as well. Perhaps the name of 'Plane', 'Jump rope', 'The broken phone', 'The kicked boat' or 'The sea viper' do not sound like anything at first glance, but if we say Hopscotch, Jump rope, The broken phone, Botero boat or Pass misí - pass misá beautiful memories will surely come to you.

1- Plane or hopscotch. Game for kids

This Mexican children's game is also known as La hopscotch, a classic of school recess. To play 'Plane' you only need a simple blackboard chalk and a small stone for each child. Participants must draw a box on the ground to see who can complete it by hopping.

To the Plane It can be played individually, although it is much more entertaining to do it with two or more participants. To do this, a white chalk is taken and squares are drawn on the ground, numbering them from one to ten.

2- Jump rope. Jump rope

It is also known as 'Jump rope', an activity that can be used both to have fun with friends and to practice physical exercise. Many athletes, such as boxers, practice this activity during their training, which makes it clear that games and children's entertainment from a few decades ago had nothing to do with today's.

One of the advantages of 'Skipping the rope' is that it can be done individually or collectively. If played individually, it is the person himself in charge of spinning the rope and jumping, while if it is practiced collectively, the rope will be turned by two people, one at each end, while another person will be in charge of jumping.

3- The broken phone or broken phone

This type of game aims to have a good time and laugh with friends. Leaving aside the hobbies that involve having a certain physical ability, the 'Broken Telephone' as it is known in other countries is played between 5 or 6 people minimum who have to stand in line, one next to the other.

The participant at one end must whisper a phrase to his companion next to him, he must communicate it to the next and so on until he reaches the participant at the other end. The message, for being whispered, becomes indistinguishable, something that is essential because when the final message is said out loud it will be funny.

4- Pot kicked or hiding

This game bears a certain similarity to 'The hideout', where a group of children must hide while another will bind it and have to find them. The only variation is that the person in charge of tying it will have to deposit an aluminum can in a fixed place and each time he finds one of the hidden ones he will have to hit the boat on the ground saying his name. As he will have to move away to look for the rest of those in hiding, if one of them manages to run and kick the boat he will save all his companions.

5- The viper of the sea or pass misí - pass misá

It is a true Mexican classic. so much so that even today it is played even at weddings, where adults enjoy a fun time with the bride and groom as protagonists. In other Spanish-speaking countries they will know this game as the 'Pase misí - pasa misá', a pastime that has been lost over the years but that still continues in the memory of what they played during their childhood.

The rules of this game are simple. Two people face each other in an arc with their arms. The rest will have to line up to go one by one through the arch to the rhythm of a song. The moment he stops, the person in the middle of the arc will be eliminated.

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