Children too mature for their age

Normally we parents tend to worry because our children are immature, childish, but what about when the child is more mature than normal for his age?

We tell you what problems can occur in children who are too mature for their age and how we can help them.

We all know that not all children have the same rate of development, that there are children who learn to talk or walk earlier than others of the same age or who control the toilet earlier or who are more prepared than to learn to read and write. And in the same way that a certain immaturity is normal, being more mature is also normal, but there are limits (above and below) that if they are passed can lead to difficulties.

What do we usually understand by maturity in children? Parents or adults often confuse maturity in children with intelligence. Savvy children, who use "grown-up" expressions, who release witty phrases ... But that does not mean that they are mature for their age, it means that they are smart, awake or savvy or smarter.

Maturity implies responsibility, that they are capable of making decisions, assume the consequences of your actions, use your past experiences to apply them to your day to day. Therefore it is important to distinguish and not confuse both concepts.

We must emphasize here that regardless of the maturity shown by the children, we must not lose sight of their age, that they are children, and that no matter how mature or "savvy" we consider them, it does not mean that they are older than they are. therefore they will not be able to assume responsibilities or make important decisions about their day to day.

When children show a certain maturity, we usually accompany it with more demands, for which they are not necessarily prepared. And asking children for more than they can give often results in frustration in children. stress, or anxiety, which usually manifests itself in behavioral problems (tantrums, responses, sleep problems ...).

A maturity point is a very positive trait in children, but being too mature can have an impact on children, who may feel that they do not fit in with children their age, worry about issues that exceed them, or are not capable to handle emotions that sometimes they do not understand.

Therefore, it is important that if our child proves to be more mature than other children of his age, we help him manage that maturity that can sometimes generate certain difficulties in them and above all not demand more of them than they can offer, and keep in mind that they are children.

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