Carnival and its meaning for children

Carnival and its meaning for children

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The carnival It is the quintessential party that the smallest of the house enjoy the most, but it can also be fun for the whole family. Children and adults have sufficient reasons on this date to dress up and have a great time.

At carnival, children can be others for a day and have fun imitating their favorite heroes or princesses, the fairy tale character they like the most, or embody their idol from song, film or cartoon.

But what does Carnival mean to children? In short, and despite not knowing its origin and tradition, the meaning of Carnival for children is party, costumes, laughter and fun.

Carnivals are approaching and it is time to put the mind to work so that it makes way for fantasy and imagination with the aim of creating aoriginal Carnival party with the family and between friends. Go ahead, the whole family will have a great time! Do you need ideas? Here are a few ...

There are families who choose to dress up in the same theme, such as the Flintstones or the Adams family. They can also choose other fun and original costumes, such as animal families, animated characters, superheroes or relevant famous people.

With the most daring costumes, the most charming masks and aristic makeup, se can organize a big carnival party for the little ones. And it is that the theme that the carnival admits is infinite, and goes from a characterization of animals such as the cat, the butterfly, the dog, to the transformation into Count Dracula, a clown or a witch, passing through superheroes such as Superman, Batman , Spiderman to beautiful princesses like The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White or Cinderella.

The preparation of the party is already an incentive for the children. Collaboration between them to making the costumes, preparing the masks, doing the crafts, and decorating the house requires participation and teamwork.or. The preparations can be made like a game and thus expand the possibilities and expectations of the carnival.

Expression and communication between children during carnival encompasses many types of language, not just oral language. During the carnival, children can enjoy body expression, dancing and dancing, organizing choreographies with their siblings and their friends, which they can then perform in front of friends, family and neighbors.

Singing, clapping to different rhythms and playing instruments are another form of musical expression that children really enjoy. The acoustic and musical display that goes on during the carnival parades is unmatched and a fantastic way to stimulate children's ears.

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